It became known to whom Vlad Sokolovsky left Dakota

The scandalous divorce of Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota is overgrown with new details. So, the other day it became known with whom the musician is now in a relationship.

The fact that her ex-spouse has been dating another month for a month, was told by Dakota herself. But who is this stranger, the fans have already guessed themselves, after analyzing the pictures in Instagram.

She turned out to be Natalya Sulianova, a fitness trainer and an ambassador from Reebok. The girl was born in Khanty-Mansiysk, and in Moscow she studied at the Dj Grove audio school. Natalya uses the pseudonym Tasha Smith in her work. Judging by the photos on social networks, Vlad and Natalya train and spend time in the same places.

So, now their profiles are full of pictures from a holiday in Thailand.

The young people themselves do not comment on the rumors, and the fans are surprised at how closely Sulianova resembles Dakota.

Rita Dakota (left) and Natalya Sulyanova (right)