Scarlett Johansson Star Style Secrets

Scarlett Johansson - spectacular, stylish girl. She shines on the covers of glossy magazines and causes admiration of millions of fans around the world.

The figure of the star is far from perfect. This is evidenced by numerous pictures on the network.

Scarlett Johansson style emphasizes the form and masks the flaws. Of course, sometimes she also has mistakes in choosing a dress. However, such cases are rare.

Scarlett demonstrates a sense of self-confidence with her sets. All images are saturated with femininity and sexuality. They are not overloaded with unnecessary details and accessories.

In her wardrobe, the girl has both elegant dresses and business suits.

In between filming and public life, Scarlett prefers casual style. Youth images are well suited for shopping or relaxing with family.

On the street, you can meet a star in ordinary jeans and a baseball cap.

Several times Scarlett appeared before the audience in a youth style. Blazers, T-shirts, high heels and jeans.

At official receptions and events, the star can be found clad in sophisticated classics. Strict lines and calm colors are always in fashion. Complements the style of bright lipstick and elegant decoration.

In general, the style of the actress can be described by the word "free". She does not adhere to a single direction and for every occasion she selects a dress according to her mood.

The style of the actress in clothes changed every year, with each new step of her personal and career growth. Youth, classic, romantic images - Scarlett tried out all sorts of options and directions.

It has a magnificent top, so you will never see on it a large strip or massive jewelry on the chest. The actress carefully chooses the color scheme of her outfits and their cut. Most often these are fitted dresses, jackets with a rather frank cleavage and trousers that emphasize mouth-watering hips.

Most outfits have a fitted silhouette. Scarlett always emphasizes a magnificent breast and womanly forms.

Shades of dresses are calm. It is extremely rare Scarlett appears in the light in flashy, bright dresses or blouses. Most often, the star chooses white, black, cream, pink color.

However, for their fans, you can make an exception. A bright red dress or gold outfit is also brilliantly suited to the actress, as well as dresses in soothing colors.

The actress strives to always be on top. Her style emphasizes confidence and strength, but at the same time allows you to remain feminine and fragile. In her wardrobe you can find both dresses and bold, sexy costumes. In her style she follows the only rule - to remain herself.