10 worst images of Svetlana Loboda

Honored Artist of Ukraine Svetlana Loboda often looks seductive, elegant and elegant. But sometimes fans can contemplate the worst images of the singer.

On these photos Svetlana is in an interesting position. The more vulgar outfits look so vulgar on her.

Feathers, rhinestones and other chips in one set - brute force even for a pop image.

Extravagance Svetlana does not hold. But this is not always in her favor.

The gray-bluish color of the translucent mesh cape gives Loboda an unnatural and painful skin tone.

Even the Diva in the frame is not able to save the terrible outfit of Svetlana.

Loboda is not afraid of bold experiments in the image. But such changes are not always commendable and charming.

Often, Svetlana goes to the public in sets that differ in a frank lower part. Is this appropriate? A moot point.

If you do not look closely, you might think that Svetlana has a polyethylene outfit from the nearest supermarket.

The dress is so light and tight that Svetlana not only boasts an excellent figure, but also emphasizes the shortcomings.

But in defense of a famous girl, it is worth noting that most often her images are harmonious and interesting.