How to make lipstick at home? - All secrets (video)


How to make a lipstick at home is a hot topic for many fashionistas who are accustomed to paying proper attention and care to their lips

How to make a lipstick at home is a hot topic for many fashionistas, who are used to paying proper attention and care to their lips. Homemade lipstick is a natural, high-quality product that does not harm the body. The flight of feminine imagination and the richness of natural ingredients allow you to create true homemade masterpieces to create the effect of expressive and attractive lips.

Homemade lipstick is a natural, high-quality product that does not harm the body.

Basic Ingredient Set

To understand how you can make high-quality lipstick at home, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of ingredients that we need. This is the so-called basic set of components, which does not depend on the type of lipstick chosen for preparation. For this purpose, you need to take:

  • foundation for lipstick;
  • liquid oil / vitamins (capsules);
  • flavoring;
  • dye;
  • additional flavoring component (optional).

The basis is often taken beeswax or palm wax. If allergic reactions to these products are known, cosmetologists recommend using part of carnauba or candelilla wax for this process. Shea butter is also used (avocado, almond, mango), which provides a nourishing effect.

The basis for lipstick often take beeswax or palm wax

Liquid oils are used in the preparation of lipstick to give it the necessary texture and shine. For this purpose, preference is given to jojoba oil, coconut or olive.

Essential oils, vanilla and other natural ingredients are used as flavors. Their presence is selected based on the desires of the woman herself.

For the preparation of colored lipstick dyes are used. In their role can serve as food special, and extracted from natural elements (cocoa, carrots, turmeric, beets, etc.) paint. Frequent use of non-food non-food dyes - wax crayons.

Any sweetener or healing agent can be used as an extra flavor element. But these are components that are added solely by personal preference.

Tip!High-quality lipstick requires compliance with the correct proportions of the components: 30 percent wax + 30 percent liquid oil + 40 percent solid oil.

Wax crayons are often used to make colored lipsticks.

The process of making homemade lipstick from A to Z

To organize an uninterrupted smooth process of cooking lipstick at home, you must first prepare all the tools, namely:

  • Ingredients;
  • the ware intended for a water bath;
  • orange stick / wooden spoon;
  • syringe;
  • container for pouring the finished lipstick.

The first step of this process will be a water bath, in which you should melt the wax and all the oils taken - liquid, solid. It is important that dissolution occurs, not boiling.

After obtaining the necessary molten mixture is added to it oils, flavoring, vitamins, dye, sweetener and other things. All must be thoroughly mixed to a state of homogeneous mass.

By mixing a variety of supplements with the base, you create new unique recipes. Do not be lazy to write them down. If you like them, you can always contact them again.

As a container for new lipstick, you can use tubes from under the old

Next, the resulting substance with a syringe is poured into the container, which is taken as a reservoir for storing the prepared lipstick.

Tip! If you use a container from under the old lipstick, put a foil on its bottom so that your product does not leak out through the slots in the container. Try not to pour the product to the top, because as it cools the lipstick will expand and go beyond the limits of the container taken.

The secrets of making matte lipstick

The trend of this season are lipsticks of different shades with a matte effect on the lips. Now you have a chance to learn how you can easily make a spectacular matte lipstick for your lips at home.

According to the basic recipe of its preparation, you must take:

  • wax (bee and candelilla) - one teaspoon;
  • oils (castor and jojoba) - half a tablespoon;
  • titanium dioxide - one teaspoon (you can buy at the pharmacy);
  • mica - 8 teaspoons;
  • wheat germ oil - half a tablespoon;
  • flavors - one or two droplets.

Fashionable now matte lipstick can also be made by yourself.

To prepare the lipstick, rub together to obtain a homogeneous consistency of mica, titanium dioxide, and wheat germ. In another tank in a water bath, the wax is melted, to which oils are added, mixed vigorously. After the contents of both containers are combined and also thoroughly mixed in a water bath. At the final stage, after removing the container from the water bath, the dye and flavor are added to the mixture. Lipstick pours into a specially taken tank and cools.

Tip! If you want to get homemade matte lipstick with the effect of moisturizing the lips, you can add capsule vitamin E to the mixture. This will help provide additional nutrition to your lips if they are too dry.

Spectacular red lips do it yourself

Lovers of expressive lips will be wondering how to make a bright red lipstick with your own hands at home? Often, two key ingredients are used to make the lipstick red:

  • beet juice;
  • food dye based on alkane root.

Red lipstick can be made on the basis of beet juice

To prepare red lipstick based on beet juice, first prepare a “dye” for several days. To this end, beets need to insist on vegetable oil, so that the juice is then contacted with wax. During the cooking process itself, use one teaspoon of beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter, which dissolve and combine in a water bath. After you need to add to them beet juice concentrate and mix thoroughly. In the end, lipstick needs to be poured into tanks and allowed to cool.

To make at home a red lipstick based on alkane root powder, melt one tablespoon of jojoba oil and olive oil for ten minutes in a water bath. After the specified time, it is necessary to remove the mixture from the bath and add an alkane powder-dye to it in the volume of one tablespoon. When he insists, it is necessary to make the mixture filtered with gauze.

At the next stage of preparation, you need to melt one tablespoon of beeswax in a water bath, to which you then pour colored oil. After the resulting lipstick is slightly cooled, as a flavoring, you can drop into it a couple of drops of essential oil of your choice.

Tip!As additional ingredients, you can use camellia oil (5 percent of the total mass of oils), grapefruit seed extract and vanilla. They will play the role of natural flavors and sweeteners.

Nourishing oils can be added to any homemade lipstick

Homemade black lipstick

Women who prefer to look spectacular, more than once wondered whether it is possible to prepare black lipstick at home and how to do it correctly? Here we will share this secret in detail.

For homemade black lipstick, the key point is the choice of dye while maintaining the basic base base. Most often, black wax crayons are used as a pigment. They are completely safe. They are made on a non-toxic basis, as they are intended for children who can "taste them".

In a water bath, melt one teaspoonful of beeswax and shea butter. After these ingredients are combined into a homogeneous mass, two grams of avocado oil and wheat germ are added to them. Everything is thoroughly mixed and supplemented with pre-rubbed waxy black chalk. Before its complete dissolution, the mixture is aged in a bath, and then poured into tanks.

Tip! If you want to get not pure black lipstick, and black and brown hue, use grated cocoa, black chocolate in the process of making cosmetics.

To make black chocolate lipstick you need to take:

  • beeswax, cocoa butter and shea - one teaspoon;
  • wheat germ oil and grated black chocolate - one gram each;
  • orange and ginger essential oil - three drops;
  • honey - half a teaspoon.
For making black lipstick, black wax crayons are most often used as pigments.

Traditionally, you should start to prepare the base - melt the wax, cocoa butter and shea in a water bath. Then it is necessary to mix honey, grated chocolate and wheat germ oil into a uniform consistency of the above components. It is necessary to mix all ingredients thoroughly until completely dissolved. At the end we season our lipstick with delicious, fragrant ginger and orange. The resulting product will have a specific black-brown color, as well as a pleasant exotic taste.

Homemade Lip Balm

The autumn-winter period is a time when your sponges need extra care and protection. At home, there are many ways to properly make natural, harmless hygienic lipstick. We propose to consider the most simple and least expensive in time and ingredients option lip balm for home production.

To prepare, you must first select and prepare the components. In this case, it is proposed to give preference to a set consisting of:

  • beeswax - half a teaspoon;
  • cocoa butter and jojoba oil - one teaspoon;
  • evening primrose oil - a couple of drops.

First, chop the beeswax, add cocoa butter and melt for five to ten minutes until the substances are thoroughly mixed in a water bath. After the ingredients have the appearance of a uniform consistency, you can add the jojoba oil to them and continue the procedure with constant stirring.

It is recommended to use for the preparation of hygienic balms, namely evening primrose oil, since it has many fatty acids.

Before you add primrose oil, it is necessary that the mixture is slightly cooled. After, it can be safely poured into the prepared tank. For hardening, a therapeutic lip balm can be sent to the fridge for a while.

Tip! It is recommended to use for the preparation of hygienic balms it is evening primrose oil, because it has a lot of fatty acids. The latter nourish the skin on the lips in cold, frosty, dry weather. As analogues, you can use mint, rosemary oil.

Tint at home: a variety of recipes

The category of tints are thin, dye pigments for the lips, which are able to give a natural shade. Tinty provide soft, as close to natural, tone.

At home, popular methods such as tint lipstick can be made:

  • using glycerol;
  • using dye with oil;
  • using dye and water;
  • with glue.

Often, PVA glue is present in the recipe for tints.

For a glycerin-based recipe, you need to take one or two beets, as well as glycerin in the amount of three tablespoons. Beets must be washed and peeled, then cut into cubes. Glycerin should be melted in a water bath, add to it in advance prepared beet cubes. Within 20 minutes of staying in the bath, the glycerin will turn red in beet color. After the finished tint is poured into a cooked jar and used for lips.

Tip! If you want to get more saturated red hues to withstand the mixture in a water bath should be about 40 minutes.

For tint with glue should prepare a list of ingredients: non-toxic PVA, as well as food colors. In the container you need to drop a few drops of PVA, after - add a dye and mix. With such a lip makeup, you should be careful and first test for allergic skin reactions to glue. If within one hour there will be no side effects, you can use this homemade cosmetic.

A similar procedure is carried out when using as a basis for tinta not glue, but oil (almond, olive, etc.).

At home, cooking tinte is practiced in an even simpler and cheaper way - by diluting food of the required color in ordinary water. The resulting colored liquid is applied to the lips covered with balsam, and the top is supplemented with a layer of colorless gloss.

Lipstick for lips at home - this is a very real and relatively inexpensive pleasure.

Lip lipstick: cooking at home

For those who are interested in how you can make a lipstick with your own hands at home, we’ll take a closer look at one of the methods.

It is necessary for this to take:

  • Vaseline - 1/4 cup;
  • vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons;
  • vitamin E capsules;
  • food coloring

Vaseline and vegetable oil should be combined in one container and mix thoroughly. After that, when the mass of these ingredients becomes homogeneous, you need to send it to the microwave for 45-50 seconds.

In the preheated mixture, you must add a food coloring of the color that you prefer. The taste ingredients are also sent there. Among them, the most popular are vanilla and powders for the cultivation of beverages. Vitamin E, which is present among the ingredients, acts as a lip skin moisturizer.

A wealth of recipes are allowed to create cosmetic masterpieces that are truly unique and original.

Creative women of fashion when making liquid lipstick on the basis of vaseline came to another interesting solution - to add confectionery glitters to the resulting cosmetic product to make the product more effective.

Tip! You can not perederzhiv mixture base for liquid lipstick in a microwave oven, because the ingredients will deteriorate forever.

Lipstick for lips at home is a very real and relatively inexpensive pleasure. A wealth of recipes are allowed to create cosmetic masterpieces, truly unique and original. This is complemented by another important factor: the lipsticks are made from natural ingredients with their own hands. Because they are absolutely safe for women's health.