10 life hacking hostess that will make life easier


Keep the house clean, look good and do what you love - how to do everything? Make everyday life easier with life hacking, which will greatly simplify your life and save time.

Getting rid of dust

Spent the general cleaning, and the next day a thin layer of dust returned to the surface of the tables and shelves? A small amount of a fabric softener will help to cope with this problem, add it to the water during cleaning, and dust will need to be wiped several times less.

Clean the microwave

Every housewife knows how difficult it is to clean the microwave from small drops of fat. This problem will help cope ordinary lemon. Squeeze lemon juice into a small container and put in the microwave for one minute. This simple manipulation will greatly facilitate the process of laundering.

Disinfection above all

Few people know, but our toothbrush is a real repository of bacteria and it needs regular disinfection. Make it very easy. To do this, just rinse it thoroughly with mouthwash.

Fat spots

Favorite thing got a drop of oil or fat? Do not rush to say goodbye to her. Fill the Fairy bold spot, it will effectively cope with a similar problem.

Stickers on the dishes

Decided to update the tableware, but do not know how to cope with the sticky traces of the sticker? Vegetable oil will come to the rescue. Moisten a cotton pad with it and carefully wipe the remnants of the sticker.

Contamination on the carpet

Dirty stains appeared on the carpet, but there is no time to take it to the dry-cleaner? A solution of peroxide and soda will help to cope with this problem. Mix 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide and 2 tablespoons of soda, mix thoroughly and pour into a spray bottle. Spray on the stain and leave for 10 minutes. Remove leftover napkin.

We clean mirrors

The process of washing windows and mirrors will greatly facilitate paper towels or napkins. They perfectly clean the surface, leaving no villi and streaks.

We clean the pellets

Noticed that the things began to appear pellets? Simple pumice stone will help to cope with them.

Buttons and varnish

If you are faced with the fact that the buttons on the shirt often come off, ask for help to nail polish. It is enough just to fluff the threads of a button already sewn with a clear varnish.

Gum in your hair

What to do if chewing gum got into hair? Oil will come to the rescue. Liberally lubricate your hair and fingers with sunflower oil and lightly massage the gum.

These little women's tricks will help make your life more pleasant and save time for more important things.