"Caprice" for long, medium and short hair: a forgotten base of many torn haircuts


Modern hair care products are comfortable and smell good, but they are somewhat more harmful than the natural ones used by women before, not to mention the dangers of coloring. Therefore, the problem of rare hair today is very relevant, and the ideal solution here - bold and elegant haircut “Caprice”. It is suitable for women with character, seeking to emphasize their individuality.

What is a haircut caprice: photo front and rear

"Caprice" is a multi-layered haircut with steps, characterized by different lengths of "feathers" and a voluminous nape.

The most interesting thing is this haircut looks on the thin faces with narrow chin

She appeared in the 2000s, modernizing short haircuts popular back in the 70s of the last century.


Visually, it rejuvenates the face, creating an interesting and bright looking cap.

Strands in such a haircut can be not only different lengths, but also different colors

The side looks quite nice.


And behind due to multilayering adds volume to hair.


To whom it is suitable

Ideal haircut whim fits miniature slender women. Best of all, she looks at the owners of a long and thin neck.


Another feature - on women with narrow chins, this haircut looks better.

However, lush forms should not become a reason to refuse to choose such a hairdressing solution. Just in this case, the front strands are cut in steps.


As for hair types, any one is suitable here. Thick or rare, straight, wavy and curly - a whim to decorate their owners.


Even if her features are bluff.


Curly copper hair in combination with this haircut looks stunning.


The technology of the haircut in the salon

The basis of such a haircut is the division of hair into 4 sections. Then the wizard selects one strand for the reference point, against which he builds the rest of the haircut. It is carried out in several stages in a step-wise scheme, implying a layering of length, which gives the volume characteristic of a whim.

Curiously, this haircut is the basis for many others. For example, on long hair whim turns into a "wolf" or "trash." On medium hair can be an element of "Aurora" ("Italian") or another type.

Haircut "Caprice" - the work of the master on video

Short hair ideas

Mature women occupying leadership positions and obliged "on such an occasion" to look serious and personable will suit the lush version of the whim without abrupt transitions in the size of strands and bright colors.


Oblique fringe and highlighted front strands on blond hair emphasize the personality of the young girl.


A separate front strand, an asymmetrical pattern on the front and a combed side fringe gracefully frame the face.


Option "Caprice" for very short and blond hair.


Haircut for short red hair with lush top.


Extended rear option.


Cheeky boyish drawing haircuts.


Ideas for medium length hair

It is noteworthy that the whim is popular among Hollywood stars.


Feminine and even intriguing look such whim options, especially on blondes.


And this visually pulls the face. It should look good on owners of wide cheekbones or curvaceous.


The owners of light brown hair looks good whim with bangs.


Or smoothed on red hair.


Red hair and "Caprice" just made for each other.


Long hair ideas

On longer hair "Caprice" goes well with the style of grunge.


This haircut for long hair is characterized by a combination of insolence and femininity.


Images for a young brunette and red-haired girl.


With or without bangs?

Haircut "Caprice" can be performed with bangs, softening the sharpness of the entire "composition."


Looks impressive long ragged fringe.


But it can be even, straight.


With thick strands of different lengths.


And also oblique.


Ideas without bangs look more feminine, but when styling your hair in front you need to fix very well so that they do not interfere.


Medium or long hair can even curl to create a more romantic look.


It turns out this combination of tenderness and curiosity.


This option is good for sharp facial features - it will “smooth out” this property.


Curly or straight?

Very often, the haircut "Caprice" is done on straight hair. However, on curly, it looks interesting. It is enough to straighten the gel part of the bangs and the ends of the strands, and an elegant image is provided. And so the hairstyle on the blonde with a curly hair will look.


And on the brunette.


Will adult women fit

In combination with a weekend outfit a whim on a mature lady looks very impressive.


Freshness and brightness of this haircut and gives the everyday image of an adult woman.


Very stylish, it looks and in the "set" with strict clothes.


And at a respectable age is also beautiful.


Which is typical not only for blondes.


On bright hair, this haircut also looks cheerful.


Coloring ideas

Pink strands will help create a bright image.


It will be interesting to look whim with toning, creating a tricolor overflow on dark hair.


Black and pink version.


Raspberry chestnut overflow.


And so it will look with this haircut light chestnut tint.


Or black and lilac version.


Styling ideas

The most popular styling for this haircut is the "lyrical mess", achieved with a volume mousse and gel that highlights the ends of the strands.


On medium hair with it will look good pre-curl the hair inside.


Or out - on short hair can only be on one side.


At will it is possible to lay hair forward.


Or back.


The main thing is that the result is a pleasant reflection in the mirror. In this sense, a whim is a very good haircut, since spoiling it is quite difficult, and why.