Who is Elvis Melvis and why does Alexey Vorobiev love him so much?

A dog is man's best friend. So who is Alexey Vorobiev's best friend?

The famous singer and actor managed to conquer the breed, which is increasingly gaining popularity among animal lovers, namely, Welsh Corgi. The rather small size, playful disposition, attractive appearance and outstanding mental abilities make this breed one of the most sought-after dog lovers. Could not resist her and Alexei Vorobiev.

The artist madly loves his dog, and the photos with her flash on the net no less often than pictures with beautiful girls who often surround the actor. Alexey does not part with his favorite even at various premieres, awards and shows. So, on "Eurovision" the actor came to the company of a four-legged friend named Elvis Melvis.

Alexey met Elvis on his twenty-second birthday - the dog was a gift from the producer Vorobev named Ekaterina von Gechmen-Waldeck. The name of the dog chose it too, as the idol of the artist for a long time was Elvis Presley. However, the singer himself decided that such a name was too boring for the dog, therefore he christened the new friend Elvis Melvis.

The funny fact is that the dog got its own seat in Alexey's car.

Elvis Melvis, like his master, is quite successful. During his career, the dog has managed to play in the film and boasts several thousand subscribers on his instagram page.

The owner is so attached to his four-legged friend that he practically does not part with him and takes him on various business trips and trips, and also treats him like a full member of the family, sharing meals and holidays with Elvis.

Alexey is a great example of the owner's sincere love for his pet. They are together everywhere and always despite the fact that the life of a star is full of traveling and overflights.