Gwyneth Paltrow filed a counterclaim to the man who shot her down

The actress estimated the damage in one dollar.

Gwyneth Paltrow filed a counterclaim against the man, who accused her of causing serious harm to health at a ski resort.

Recall, the victim requires a considerable amount from the star - 3.1 million dollars. The accident happened almost three years ago, according to the man, the actress lost control during a skiing run and hit him in the back strongly. The victim, whose name is Terry Sanders, had fractures of the ribs and head injury. All this time he was undergoing treatment.

However, representatives of the actress deny such accusations. According to court documents, Gwyneth Paltrow decided to file a counterclaim. She claims that it was Sanders who hit her in the back, and not vice versa.

Now the actress demands $ 1 from Terry Saunders, as well as payment of costs for the services of a lawyer. That is how much she appreciated the damage done to her. The star believes that the man decided to use her name and earn money.