Sports activities after cesarean section


Every woman wants to restore the former body shape as soon as possible after the birth of the child. But childbirth does not always occur naturally - for medical reasons, as well as in emergency situations, a cesarean section is performed, after which certain methods are required for the correction of the figure.

Cesarean section

A caesarean section is surgery by surgery, during which the child is removed through an incision in the anterior abdominal wall and the mother’s uterus.

Surgical delivery can be planned or emergency. Indications for elective caesarean section are:

  • placenta previa;
  • the presence of insolvent scars on the uterus (due to previous operations, including cesarean section);
  • incorrect position of the fetus - pelvic or transverse;
  • the presence of certain diseases of the mother - for example, associated with the activity of the heart;
  • infections and inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs;
  • large fetus (more than 5 kg) or multiple pregnancy (in rare cases, natural childbirth is allowed);
  • postponed pregnancy - more than 42 weeks.

Emergency cesarean section is carried out with premature detachment of the placenta, which has begun or threatened uterine rupture, weak labor activity, fetal hypoxia and other complications arising during natural delivery.

A cesarean section is a complex surgical procedure that can have negative consequences for the health of the mother and child. Therefore, artificial delivery is carried out only in necessary situations, according to medical indicators, and not at the request of the patient.

The figure after caesarean changes the same way as after vaginal delivery - the stomach sags, the skin on it becomes flabby and stretch marks are often formed, the appearance of folds and fat deposits on the sides, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms is high due to overweight in the postpartum period .

But during surgical deliveries, a woman places sutures on the uterus and abdominal wall, the care of which requires an extremely careful attitude to her body for their speedy healing. Therefore, the physical loads that contribute to the restoration of the figure, the young mom can not start immediately after birth.

Caesarean section is carried out in cases where vaginal delivery for any reason is not possible.

Beginning and intensity of physical activity after artificial labor

After discharge from the maternity hospital, you should not only lead a “lying” lifestyle, but at the same time it is necessary to avoid excessive physical exertion, because at the first stage the main goal of the woman after a caesarean section is to preserve the integrity of the seams.

At this time, it will be enough to independently perform simple household chores and care for the newborn, as well as making walks — these actions help to improve blood circulation and metabolism, and tone the muscles of various body groups. It is possible to perform breathing exercises with the involvement of the abdominal muscles, not the chest, and Kegel exercises that train the muscles of the perineum, pelvis and buttocks.

In the absence of any contraindications, it is recommended to start simple exercises no earlier than 1.5-2 months after delivery, gradually increasing the intensity of training. The load on the press at this time should not be large, as the seams are not yet consistent and there is a risk of their divergence. At this postpartum stage, simple gymnastics should be carried out aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back, hips, buttocks, as well as promoting weight loss - you can do this by bending and rotating the body, squats, leg outs, etc.

It is possible to start more serious sports activities no earlier than 6 months after the birth of a child - in six months the stitches heal in most cases. But since each organism is completely individual, the duration of postoperative recovery may be different - in some cases it takes a year. Therefore, before the start of complex physical exercises, a medical examination and consultation with a doctor is necessary.

At the first stages of physical education classes it is not recommended to continue more than 15-20 minutes a day - sports activity should not overwork.

With good health and no contraindications, you can perform a light warm-up 6 weeks after cesarean section

Exercises after cesarean section and permitted types of physical activity

Common exercises that positively affect body shaping are:

  1. Strap. To perform this exercise, one should take the horizontal position with the stomach down - leaning on the toes of the feet and on the arms bent at the elbows, it is necessary to fix the body of the body parallel to the floor, not sagging in the back and straining all the muscles of the body. In this case, the elbows should be placed strictly under the shoulders. In the first stages in this position, it is enough to hold out for 15 seconds, but gradually the exercise time should be increased to a few minutes. Proper implementation of the "bar" ensures the use of the maximum number of muscles - press, back, hips, buttocks, arms. And that means - contributes to losing weight in a short time.
  2. Vacuum. The exercise is performed supine and consists in maximally drawing in the abdomen during inhalation and exhalation. It is not highly effective without additional loads, but it has a positive effect on blood circulation, promotes weight loss in the sides and abdomen, and also leads to a tone of the abdominal abdominal muscles.
  3. Bicycle. This popular exercise, familiar to everyone from childhood, helps to successfully combat obesity by training the muscles of the buttocks, the inner and outer thighs, the upper and lower abdominals, and is used to get rid of cellulite. Performed lying on your back - legs bent at the knees and simulated riding a bicycle.
  4. Hoop. The use of the hoop helps to improve the tone of the whole body, improve the bowels, blood circulation, strengthen the abdominal muscles. But it is necessary to use it after cesarean section with caution - it is necessary to wait for the complete restoration and acceptance of the correct position of the internal organs.

The main recommendation of specialists when conducting physical exercises is the observance of time constraints and moderate activity - after surgical labor, one should not overdo the exercise.

Photo Gallery: exercises after surgical labor

Water aerobics

Water aerobics are recommended to do both throughout the normal course of pregnancy and in the postpartum period. After a cesarean, swimming is possible already after 6 weeks. Classes in the water have a beneficial effect not only on the general physical and psychological state of the woman, but also help to return to the previous forms of the body. When visiting aqua aerobics classes, all the muscles of the body are trained and, thanks to water, the tension is almost not felt, and the effect is achieved in a short time. And the load on the spine is also removed, which facilitates the condition of the young mommy.

Water aerobic exercises help improve the woman’s physical and emotional state


Fitness after artificial childbirth should begin no earlier than six months after surgery.

The ideal option in the postpartum period is one of the areas of fitness - Pilates. This sport improves flexibility and plasticity, tightens the abdomen, straightens posture and strengthens the muscles of the body. In this exercise, do not provide for sudden movements with frequent repetitions, and also do not apply weighting (weights, dumbbells, etc.).

Pilates classes include many exercises that work out different types of muscles. An important condition for achieving the maximum effect of weight loss and body fit is proper and regular training, which can be held at home or in a fitness center.

Pilates classes involve all muscle groups.


Running a young mother is allowed after complete healing of the stitches - approximately 6 months after the birth of the baby. But since running is a serious exercise stress on the body, this method of body correction should be postponed to a later time.

Jogging should be done with good health, choosing short distances in the early stages of training. Over time, speed and distance can be increased.

For weight loss will be the alternation of fast and slow running. But you should not forget about the need to control the pulse rate and breathing - with a deterioration in health, it is recommended to refuse to run.

After cesarean section, running is not recommended for six months.


Bodyflex is a set of exercises that combines proper breathing and special postures and stances aimed at stretching the muscles. This type of physical activity is an effective method of restoring the figure after childbirth - the volume of the body decreases, the tummy is tightened, plasticity appears.

After surgery, the bodyflex can be started after 8-10 weeks. To do this, you need to pay a little time - 15 minutes per day is enough, and the exercises do not require any special physical training and they are carried out at home. The result of regular training becomes noticeable in a short time.

Bodyflex helps to lose weight in a short time


There are several types of gymnastics used during recovery after childbirth - respiratory, therapeutic, water, sports. All of them have a positive effect on strengthening the body, improving the activity of internal organs and systems, as well as contribute to getting rid of body fat and correct the figure.

Performing light gymnastics exercises is acceptable 2-3 months after surgical delivery, but the load on the abdominal muscles should be excluded. The first classes should not last longer than 15 minutes, additional equipment for training is not required.

With the help of gymnastics it is possible to strengthen all the muscles, including the abdomen (some time after the complete healing of the suture).

After artificial childbirth gymnastics strengthens all muscles.

Exercises in the gym

Before going to the gym, a woman needs to make sure that the suture is completely cicatrized - for this you need to undergo an ultrasound examination and visit the gynecologist's office. Occupations usually start 6-8 months after birth, and sometimes 12.

To begin training in the gym should be with cardio, the duration of which is not more than 5 minutes - with each subsequent workout, it should gradually increase, reaching a maximum time of 40 minutes.

Occupations on the treadmill should be excluded at first, especially when breastfeeding a child - breast shaking may adversely affect lactation. The most suitable option for cardio are exercises on the stepper simulator - even with the fast pace of the exercises, the movements are smoother than when running.

The power loads used for weight loss after childbirth include:

  • vertical traction, in which the muscles of the back are worked out - sitting on a bench you need to attract the neck to the chest and then straighten your arms up again;
  • leg press, due to which the biceps and triceps of the thigh, and the gluteal muscles are being worked out - the exercise takes place on a special simulator using weight;
  • dumbbell bench, with which your chest muscles are trained - while lying on an inclined bench, you need to raise and lower your arms with dumbbells to your chest;
  • flexing the legs in the arm that trains the abdominal muscles - hanging on the bar you must bend your knees in turn and pull them to your chest, straining your abs as much as possible.

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At emergence of painful sensations in the field of a seam of occupation it is necessary to stop immediately.


If there are complications arising in the postpartum period, sports should be excluded. Contraindications are:

  • the presence of birth injuries;
  • pathological condition of the sutures, including their divergence;
  • endometritis;
  • inflammatory processes in the body with fever;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • uncharacteristic discharge from the genitals;
  • headaches and dizziness;
  • problems with lactation.

Before proceeding to physical activity a woman should undergo the necessary medical examinations and cure existing diseases.

Useful tips

After a cesarean section, a woman can be tied up with a stomach with a simple cloth (for example, a diaper) after a day - this will contribute to the fact that loose and stretched skin will not sag under its own weight. A few days later, in the absence of contraindications, the patient is allowed to wear a bandage, which not only helps to relieve the spine, improve blood circulation and keep the internal organs in the correct position, but also effectively affects the figure - the use of bandage devices reduces the size of the stomach and flank.

In the first two to three months, you should be especially careful about your health and try to avoid excessive physical exertion. At this time, good nutrition can have a positive effect on the recovery of the figure - it is necessary to eliminate fatty, sweet, salty, spicy foods from the diet, and it is also required to reduce the consumption of baked goods and sugary carbonated drinks. It is necessary to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, as well as dairy products and dishes, steamed or in the oven. This will have a beneficial effect not only on the correction of forms, but also on lactation - with proper nutrition, the child receives useful substances from the mother's milk and reduces the risk of pain and cramps in the abdomen in the infant.

Breastfeeding also has an effective effect on the volume of the body - during breastfeeding, the uterus enlarged after pregnancy shrinks faster, so the enlarged belly disappears with time.

Do not give up on walking - walking with a straight posture contributes to tightening the abdomen and losing weight due to burning calories.

Before the start of sports activities, a young mother must consult the attending physician without fail - it is possible to train only with the permission of a specialist.

For exercise, it is recommended to choose comfortable clothes and shoes, non-constraining movements.

At the initial stages of training should be carried out with the lowest loads and for a short time. At the same time, it is necessary to closely monitor the change in your well-being. Gradually, the duration and intensity of training can be increased.

Starting physical exercises, it is advisable to seek help from a trainer who will help you create an individual program.

I, like many other women, had to undergo an emergency cesarean section. During pregnancy, I gained 20 kg and this did not pass without a trace - after the birth of the child there was a big belly, and also increased in the hips and arms. Even in the hospital, the doctor forbade me to exercise for six months. And my long-term walks with a child, doing household chores, taking care of a baby and applying a bandage have become my ways of getting rid of excess weight. Since the child was bottle-fed, I had the opportunity to use weight loss diets. But in my opinion, regardless of the way a baby is fed, any woman in the postpartum period should not starve herself, because the newborn man requires a lot of attention and physical strength from the mother, and without good nutrition to provide quality care for her baby is not possible. I started doing simple exercises at home 9 months after giving birth - early attempts at playing sports brought discomfort. Every young mother should listen to their own feelings and the recommendations of the doctor - in this case, the sport does not harm health.


Пояс - миостимулятор стала надевать через 2 месяца, как только зажил шов, но по чуть-чуть, у меня можно дозировать и нагрузку, и выбирать программу. В спортзал, на степ-аэробику не пошла, а побежала через 6 месяцев. Сразу было очень тяжело, я до сих пор мышцы живота не всегда "слышу" (ребёнку сейчас 1,4). Это я после вторых родов, плановое кесарево. And after the first (2 days called, and then the COP), I only a year later went away ... And then, little by little, I began to add load.

Inna Shibeko


I have no tummy, I started practicing 3 months after surgery. I left quickly enough, but it was easier for me, I was engaged in sports before the pregnancy, my press was iron, so I recovered. Just keep in mind that too active exercises have a bad effect on GW if you feed. So start quietly.



After the first session, the CS began to practice yoga after 5 months, after the second - after 2. The main thing is that the trainer has a competent and gradual increase in loads.



As the doctor told me at discharge, “You cannot squat with a 50-pound barbell, and you can and should do sports”. Of course, provided that everything is in order.



I just swam: here and there how many forces are enough. In view of certain circumstances, the exercises were irregular, but the effect was anyway, the body was well tightened, the relief appeared on the legs, and the stomach decreased.



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Despite the desire to return the prenatal body shape in a short time, a woman should be rational and competent in the choice of ways to lose weight. An effective method of weight loss is sport, but too intense and lengthy classes at first can adversely affect the health of a young mother without allowing her to achieve the desired result.