Star style Kendall Jenner: triumphs and fashionable failures of recent years

The name of this American model today is not known unless the avid media opponents. By her 23 years old, Kendall Jenner had a dizzying career and became a frequenter of paparazzi lenses. There is something to look at: work as a model and constant parties in the fashion-environment have done their job, and today Kendall’s style can only be envied.

Due to her figure, the girl is practically unlimited in the choice of clothes. In everyday life, she prefers comfortable images, but always puts a slight emphasis on the curves of the body. The favorite technique of the model is cropped tops and delicate cuts on clothing.

Basic elements Kendall cleverly mixes with bright trends. The white shirt is supplemented with a fur bag, shorts with an elongated jacket, animal print wears it with classic jeans.

One of the favorite techniques of the model is to show one part of the body, while hiding the rest. With an oversized sweater, she wears cropped shorts. If there is a deep cut in the image, then the legs will be hidden.

For flights and walks, the eldest of the sisters Jenner prefers soft voluminous knitwear and comfortable shoes.

However, despite the love of comfort, elegance and femininity are not alien to the model. On the carpet and social events Kendall always appears in sophisticated images from the world's best designers.

Not done, of course, without fashionable failures. Soft jersey, which Jenner loves so much, often turns out to be too thin and shows a lot of excess to an amazed public.

Sometimes a model suffers with strange color combinations and textures, which add to it for about ten years from above.

A couple of times, Kendall forgot that she was supposed to wear dresses on the carpet, and came in her favorite denim shorts.

If you look at a photo of Kendall Jenner over the past couple of years, the evolution of her style will be obvious, and today she really has something to learn. Images become more elegant, but more interesting, and annoying errors become less and less.