Oral irrigator - Which is better to choose? Reviews, Tips


The main function of the irrigator is to remove tartar and food debris in the mouth.

The main function of the irrigator is to remove tartar and food debris in the mouth. The result is achieved by pointing a jet of liquid onto the surface of the teeth and gums, under the action of which the mouth is cleaned. Let's try to find out what the mouth cavity irrigator is and which one is better to choose.

With this simple device you can prevent a huge number of diseases of the oral cavity.

What is it and what does it eat?

In developed European countries, this device is in almost every home. The Russians, unfortunately, have learned about this device recently. Those few who have already learned about the miraculous abilities of this device, hastened to purchase this newfangled means for cleaning the oral cavity.

The principle of the irrigator is simple and clear. Pour the required amount of water and therapeutic fluid into the tank and hold the tip of the device to your teeth. Within a few seconds, pressure is created in the container, and a jet of liquid rinsing the surface of the teeth, gums and mouth cavity with a powerful stream, while removing food debris and stone particles formed on the tooth enamel. The optimum pressure level is created using a miniature pump. In order for the device to start functioning, simply connect it to any power source.

With this simple device you can prevent a huge number of diseases of the oral cavity. People suffering from bleeding gums and gingivitis, you just need to purchase this device.

Few of our compatriots can boast that they know about the existence of such a device as an irrigator. And, by the way, the first clinical trials of this device began in the sixties of the last century. The patent for it belongs to a scientist from the USA. Since those times, the irrigator is very popular not only in the countries of North America, but also throughout Europe.

The irrigator gently acts on the surface of the mouth, without irritating them and causing no injuries.

This machine is an excellent alternative to dental floss. When using dental thread, many people experience discomfort, complain of bleeding gums and the occurrence of periodontitis. The irrigator gently acts on the surface of the oral cavity, without irritating them or causing injury. It can even be used while wearing implants and other orthodontic appliances.

Wide selection for every taste

Irrigators on the nature of the functioning are divided into the following groups:

  • Portable devices. Work both on batteries, and on the accumulator. Such irrigators have low weight, and they are inexpensive. In general, the perfect solution for those who travel frequently. The only drawback of the device is the fact that it is possible to use it only being in a certain position of the body, otherwise the device will refuse to supply water.
  • Stationary. Such devices can often be seen in the bathrooms of American and Western European families. Typically, the device has a few nozzles, which is more than enough for all households. In stationary-type irrigators, the water in the tank is directed under pressure into a special hose, and afterwards into the spout, from which, in fact, it beats with a taut stream into places difficult to access.
  • Devices connected to the water supply. Before you think about choosing which one is better to choose an irrigator for the oral cavity - portable or stationary, you should pay attention to the models that are connected to the plumbing system. As in the previous case, it can be used by the whole family. Due to the connection to the water supply system, the jet can be supplied continuously. With such a device, you do not need to worry about running out of water in the tank.

There are portable and stationary devices.

Important! Experts do not recommend connecting the irrigator directly to the water supply. In many cities, running water is simply unsuitable for rinsing the mouth. For example, practically throughout the entire territory of Western Siberia and the Far East, water contains a large amount of fluorine, which can cause fluorosis and other diseases of the oral cavity.

Devices for cleaning can be divided into groups not only on the basis of the possibility to use the device at home or outside. An important criterion when choosing an irrigator is the feature of the water jet.

  • Continuous jet. In this case we are talking about a continuous, stable supply of water from the tank.
  • Pulsating flow. This method of fluid supply is most effective when it comes to removing tartar.
  • Water jet with air bubbles. An irrigator equipped with such a function can serve not only to cleanse the oral cavity, but also to prevent diseases due to its ability to enrich the teeth and gums with oxygen during a hygienic procedure.

An important criterion when choosing an irrigator is the feature of the water jet

How to choose the right irrigator?

If you still decide to purchase this device, you must observe the following points when purchasing:

  • Age category of users;
  • The number of people who will use the device;
  • Diseases of the oral cavity;
  • Features lifestyle.

Let's take a closer look at each case in more detail.

Under high water pressure rinses mouth quality

Nozzles To be or not to be?

  • If you are planning to buy only for yourself, you should pay attention to devices with one or two nozzles.
  • If the irrigator will be used by all family members, it is better to buy a device with a large number of attachments, so that they are enough for each user. Choose models with multi-colored tips, then each family member will use only their nozzle.
  • If children will use the irrigator, buy a device with nozzles for washing the nasopharynx. Such procedures at an early age reduce the risk of contracting influenza and ARVI in the season of frequent morbidity.

Irrigators and children

This device can become a lifesaver for parents whose children do not really like to brush their teeth. Using the device is an entertaining and fascinating process, children will definitely be interested in the stream of water beating out of the device, and will mouth up for hygienic processing. In the period when the teeth are changing, irrigator is especially needed. In the gums, after the loss of a tooth, the remnants of food begin to accumulate, which leads to the multiplication of bacteria and the appearance of diseases. Often it is very difficult to get to such places with an ordinary brush, and the irrigator will cope with such a task without difficulty.

This device can become a lifesaver for parents whose children do not really like to brush their teeth.

Important! If your baby is growing up, be sure to teach him to use an irrigator. The baby should have its own attachment. It is strictly forbidden to use the attachment of one of the adult family members, otherwise the child may become infected by the parents of oral diseases.

If you have braces

To clean the mouth, people with braces need to get a device with a special nozzle. Only with the help of such a tip will be provided high-quality cleaning of the points of contact of the dental surface with the orthodontic structure.

Conventional attachments cannot provide proper oral care when you wear braces. In places where there are so-called locks, even a jet with a strong water pressure cannot perform proper hygienic treatment.

Important! Many dentists recommend that people who use braces use an irrigator instead of a toothbrush. Even dental floss is unable to cope with cleaning the mouth when braces are on the teeth.

For those who travel frequently, choose a portable model.

Choose the best model

In order for you not to puzzle over what kind of irrigator of the oral cavity to choose so that both the price was acceptable and the quality was top notch, we collected the best models and arranged an improvised "casting" for the title of "Best Irrigator 2017". For the competition, various devices were assembled, differing from each other in the number of nozzles, price, type of jet, the presence of additional functions and power level.

TitlePrice in $Number of nozzlesType of jetPower supply levelFeaturesdisadvantages
ACleon TF600977Pulsating17In the set all the necessary nozzles, the main feature is an ultraviolet lamp, disinfecting nozzles. Periodontal massage function
Waterpik WP 100 ultra907Pulsating10In a set of universal nozzles, nozzle for braces, nasopharynx and tongue. Jet pressure adjustable
Aquajetlda 7502Pulsating2Can be used outside the home, very powerful jet
Bewellwi 911402Pulsating1Portable. Can work without recharging up to 70 minutes.Low power, water is supplied under low pressure.
Ves vip 003509With micro
10Works from the power supply network, there is a large number of nozzles for all occasions.
Panasonic EW DJ 10401Pulsating2PortableIncludes only one nozzle
ORAL B Prof Care MD20904Single flow, turbo flow5Almost silent, easy to use.Low power, low jet head
Donfeel OR 820M404With micro bubbles4Can be used for washing the nasopharynx.Few power levels

The stationary irrigator ACleon TF600 is developed by a European brand of German origin. The device is designed for effective cleaning of the oral cavity. The main feature of the model is an ultraviolet lamp that disinfects attachments when not in use. Only 1% of similar devices on the Russian market have such a function. ACleon TF600 comes with 7 nozzles in the kit, cleans hard-to-reach places, crowns, braces and even tongue. It also contains the function of periodontal massage, due to which the tone and blood circulation in the gums are improved. Among the additional features - a large tank and immediately 17 power settings, thanks to which it is easy to adjust the water supply “for yourself”.

After reviewing the table, you will not have to ask which irrigator is better to choose for individual or family use. If you have children, try to choose models with a large number of nozzles, including tips for irrigating the nasopharynx. Such hygienic treatment will help babies to become less susceptible to such diseases as flu, acute respiratory viral infections, acute respiratory infections, pneumonia, bronchitis and tonsillitis.

Oral cavity irrigator: reviews

It would seem that everything has already been said about the varieties of irrigators. But before you begin to search for the desired model, get acquainted with the opinion of those who have already managed to purchase the device and try it in your home. What kind of irrigator is better to choose? Reviews of women:

Irina, 32 years old: I have been using Donfeel OR 820M for four years now. Power, of course, is rather weak, but the device works without failures. For all this time, never broke. I have a child, and a special nozzle for rinsing the nasopharynx helps us to resist colds during the period of special activity of viruses and bacteria.

This device is especially necessary for those who wear braces.

Tatyana, 18 years old: Already a year wear braces. At first, she suffered and complexes, because under the locks accumulated remnants of food. The result was stale breath and self-doubt. WaterpikWP 100 ultra solved my problem. Special nozzle allows you to gently and carefully carry out hygienic treatment of the mouth.

Nadezhda, 59 years old: I have false teeth. Very often, food accumulates under the prosthesis. During the working day, I began to notice that my colleagues were reluctant to talk to me. I had to buy a portable Panasonic EWDJ irrigator. Since that time, I have never noticed a bad breath.

After regular use, bad breath will disappear.

Catherine, 19 years old: I have been using ORAL B Professional Care / MD20 for several years now, I can't get enough of it. Previously, I could not find a toothbrush. My gums are so sensitive that even the softest stubble hurt me. Mom watched for a long time how I suffer, and then, on the advice of my girlfriend, bought an irrigator. Great thing. Recomend for everybody.

Olga, 41: On one of the holidays a friend gave Vesvip. He stood in the closet for a long time, I did not understand why to use it if I had toothbrushes. A few months later I read about irrigators on the Internet and pulled my appliance out of the closet. Now I do not like it! A great solution for hygienic oral treatment. Habitual toothbrushes and threads can not always reach hard-to-reach places, and the irrigator is what the doctor ordered. Simple, convenient, reliable.

In addition to the main function, some models are capable of washing the nasopharynx.

Oral cavity irrigator is a device that allows you to carefully and gently clean the oral cavity. If you plan to use it at home, pay attention to stationary models with a large number of nozzles. Then each family member will be able to use this miracle device.

Do you travel often? Do not worry, buy a portable irrigator, which is easy to take with you on a business trip or on vacation.