Women Govorukhin unleashed a war for his condition

Soon the year will come, as director Stanislav Govorukhin passed away. Soon after the funeral, the alleged celebrity lover appeared.

A certain Anastasia Martzinkovskaya stated that almost 14 years ago she had an affair with a director, as a result of which she bore him a son. According to her, then the director did not believe that he was the father of the child, and soon ceased communication.

Nevertheless, the girl claims that all this time he gave her money, because the boy has health problems - as noted by Anastasia, the child was dropped in the hospital, because of which he received a serious injury and now suffers from cerebral palsy.

It was precisely because of the costs associated with treating the boy that Martzinkovskaya allegedly filed a lawsuit against the director’s widow. The girl requires a genetic examination, and then recognize her son as a full heir to the state of Govorukhin.