How to become beautiful: in search of a cherished formula


There is no exact answer to the question "What is beauty?" And is it possible to give a clear definition of such an elusive concept? But one glance at something is enough for us to say whether it is beautiful or not. And when it comes to female beauty, hundreds of factors that shape it come into play. Today we will try to figure out what it depends on and whether it is possible to become more attractive.

Standards of beauty in different eras

Traditionally, the story of the history of beauty begins with the Paleolithic Venus. Is it easy for modern women to believe that 20-30 thousand years ago, dramatically opposed standards were erected on a pedestal? Wide hips, big belly, hanging chest - at that time a woman in the first place was a continuer of the race, and not a treacherous seductress.

The ideal of beauty in ancient times weighed no less than a hundred kilos.

The standards of beauty of antiquity are already more clear to us. The bust of Nefertiti is amazingly beautiful in its perfection, and the unexpectedly simple and uncomplicated face of Cleopatra (although it is said that men loved her for her character).

Photo Gallery: beauties of antiquity

It is difficult to say something about medieval beauty because of the virtuous manners of those times. But in the Renaissance, the ancient canons reigned supreme and the chanting of the female body.

Modern women of fashion would certainly consider Botticelli's “Venus” not enough sports

Then they invented the corset - and something went wrong again ...

The waist in the corset is unnatural

Standards of beauty in our time

Popular magazines, recognized by authorities in matters of beauty, periodically make up the next ranking of the most beautiful women. To get into them, it is not enough just to have a beautiful face. You need to really do something outstanding. For example, GC Magazine named the American actress Gal Gadot, woman of 2017, who played Wonder Woman in the eponymous film.

GQ magazine cover with woman of the year Gal Gadot

According to the Maxim magazine? The sexiest woman of the year was Haley Baldwin, the daughter of actor Alec Baldwin. At twenty, she confidently steps on the heels of the titans of the beauty industry.

Haley Baldwin - the daughter of actor Alec Baldwin

And for the fifth time, People magazine called Julia Roberts a woman of the year, thus confirming that true beauty does not age.

In her 50 years, Julia Roberts was again named the most beautiful woman in the world.

Video: the most beautiful girls and women of 2017

How to become beautiful: the elusive formula

So what is the secret of beauty? How do we distinguish the beautiful from the ugly? No wonder they say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." This concept is largely subjective and depends on personal preferences. But there are several similarities inherent in the modern standard of a beautiful woman:

  • Harmonious features - notice that we do not use the word "proportional." Often, a very prominent detail (for example, a nose) not only does not spoil the face, but, on the contrary, gives it an irresistible charm.
  • Clean and well-groomed skin - even if you have an ideal face shape, but there is acne and noticeable black spots on it - this significantly lowers your position on the beauty pedestal.
  • Clean, thick and voluminous hair - they can be long or short, but always washed, interestingly laid and, in addition, they must be wanted to touch.
  • Slim silhouette and toned muscles - even in ancient times Paleolithic Venus was the ideal of a woman and a mother, in the modern world with such a body it would have been very difficult. It's not even public opinion, but your health. Imagine that you carry an item weighing 10-15 kg or more every day. Do you think this will affect your well-being? Now imagine what it is like for your body to carry on itself excess weight.
  • Beautiful posture - straightened back works wonders. It seems as if you instantly dropped a few pounds, and your chest has increased by size. Even the mood changes: with a straight back and proudly raised chin it is simply impossible to be afraid or sad about anything.
  • Graceful gait and elegance in movement. A girl may have an incredibly attractive appearance, but if her movements are clumsy, she will be perceived as a sweet, but ridiculous absurdity. A real woman moves easily and smoothly, is not in a hurry and does not drag home heavy bags from the bazaar.

Above posture you need to work every day, especially if you keep your back straight you have not learned since childhood

If we ignore external factors and switch our attention to the personality itself, then here we have something in common - charm and charisma. Didn't it happen, it happened to meet people who were not very attractive in appearance, but somehow they just started a conversation, their appearance retreated into the background. And all thanks to the stunning energy of such individuals. They know how to create and maintain a unique atmosphere around them, so people are always drawn to them. How to learn this? The answer to this question is even more ambiguous. As a rule, such characters are interesting for the following reasons:

  • They are confident in themselves, in their decisions and in their words.
  • They are seriously addicted to something and always talk about their business or hobby with a twinkle in their eyes.
  • They always say what they think.

Magic charm: a universal recipe

At any age, for any woman, the rule remains relevant: the external is a reflection of the internal. This applies to both the state of your physical health and emotional. Let's say that nature has awarded you with the perfect external data - you risk losing them if the following elements are missing in your life:

  • healthy sleep - lack of sleep not only affects your appearance, but also reduces immunity, making you more vulnerable;
  • complete and balanced nutrition - it is strictly forbidden to overeat, you shouldn’t eat enough too;
  • physical exertion - a beautiful body is created by movement;
  • daily routine - it is important to always find a balance between work and rest, to have time for yourself, so as not to be in constant stress;
  • a favorite thing - if existence does not bring pleasure and is meaningless, it leaves an indelible imprint of despondency on your face.

The form is not as important as filling: if you are healthy and radiate energy of confidence, then any irreparable lack of appearance simply ceases to be perceived as a problem. And if you also learn how to correctly select the silhouette of clothes and hair, use cosmetics to create makeup correctly, then this will not only visually make your body shape and face more harmonious, but also create the glory of a woman with taste.

Tender age: how to become beautiful young girl

Recently, you turned 13 or 14, and you thought hard about how boys perceive you. It starts the time of searching for yourself and experimenting with your style. At this age, maturing girls in the pursuit of beauty often do a lot of stupid things - from choosing ridiculous combinations in clothes to eyebrows, plucked to the state of thin strings. How not to lose your head among the diversity of the world and find yourself in it:

  1. Most likely, you consider yourself far from being the first beauty - this is absolutely normal at your age. If we make a mistake, then that's just great.
  2. Your body is still young, which means it recovers easily and quickly. But this does not mean that you can eat and drink everything, especially if you want to preserve both the shape and the condition of the skin. Now your habits are formed for a lifetime, so your task is to create a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle in the future.
  3. Find an example to follow. Let them say "do not make yourself an idol," but in order to develop a sense of style and understand how you want to look, you need a certain ideal to which you will strive. Study the lives of women whom society once recognized as icons of style, ask yourself "why do I like it?".

    It is not necessary that a role model be one and necessarily a star. Have something to learn from mom? Try it! Like what a high school girl looks like? Try to recreate her image

  4. Look for a compromise: until you moved from your parents, they tend to influence your choice of clothes and, accordingly, your style. If you and mom agree, you are very lucky. If not, try to talk, discuss and defend your views. If nothing helps and parents stubbornly do not want to perceive you as an emerging personality with their own taste and predilections - be patient, in fact, time flies by and the adult life is not far off. While doing your inner world - explore yourself, understand what you want to do in life, read books and develop in this area.

The charm of adolescence is often enough in itself to be considered beautiful

Second youth: from 20 to 30

From 20 to 30, or even to 35 - this is the time when you can try everything. You are still young enough to dress like a rock star, but also quite mature to allow yourself to wear exquisite dresses and costumes that are often ridiculous to look at teenage girls.

From 20 to 30, you can afford any experiments with style.

On the other hand, you can no longer dance at a disco all night long, as at the age of 16, and in the morning you can go to school or work quietly. Your body has already consumed some amount of its energy and is not recovering as quickly as before. The more you get involved in work, the more problems you try to solve, the clearer you should stick to the daily regimen to let yourself relax. Remember that beauty is born in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

And then what: the beauty of the first wrinkles

At 20 years old, a woman looks the way God created her, at 30, the way she wants, at 50, the way she deserves.

Coco Chanel

Sooner or later, any of the women discovers the first wrinkle or the first gray hair. While there are no strong reasons for concern, old age is still far away, however, for the first time, the thought appears that one day the beauty of youth will disappear. There will be another, no less expressive.

Old age is no reason to deny yourself elegance

Can you hope for beauty when you are far beyond forty? The aging process is irreversible. If you are lucky with genetics, then you will manage to keep hair color, skin freshness and body in tone for a long time. Otherwise, we return to the first thesis of our article: external beauty depends on the inner state.

Start small: recommendations for action

In order for your intention to become a beautiful woman not to fade, you need to constantly motivate yourself. Surround yourself with the fact that constantly make you remember your goal, and so that the thought “I can't do it” once again doesn’t work in my head, download it by reading smart books:

  • Umberto Eco "History of Beauty". No, you will not find any tips on how to become beautiful. But make sure that the ideal of beauty is an ephemeral concept that lives no longer than its era.
  • Sophia Loren "Women and Beauty". If so, and trust someone, then someone as an unrecognized icon of his time. In this book, the famous actress shares her ideas about female attractiveness and gives valuable advice, including practical ones.
  • Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bark "The Book of Longevity". The actress, in collaboration with the writer, tells in a fair way how to treat her body and how to age properly.
  • Maya Plisetskaya "I, Maya Plisetskaya". The great ballerina is about herself and her understanding of femininity.
  • Henri Guidel "Coco Chanel". On the birth and development of the famous style of Chanel.
  • Any memoirs and biographies of interesting women.

It is impossible to drive beauty into a clearly established framework, as it is impossible to write an exact recipe - what to do in order to become a beauty and be her everlasting eyelids. Try, experiment, look in the mirror every day and look for a new self there. Fall in love, finally - and then others will fall in love with you.