Holidays April 22: and on Monday there is a place for fun!


Do you also think that Monday is a hard day? And if I say that today you have a legitimate reason to dodge your duties and quietly fool around, portraying a vigorous activity for the authorities? It became more interesting? It's only the beginning! April 22 is a lot of holidays, because there is something to do and besides the boring routine.

What is celebrated today in Russia

At home on this Monday with the holidays, however, sparsely. But if you are keenly interested in the history of your country and, in particular, not so distant times of the USSR, you can celebrate one of the most significant holidays for that era - the birthday of the leader of the world proletariat V. I. Lenin.

If you dig even deeper, to the national calendar, it turns out that today is Vadim Klyuchnik’s day. or Vadim-Otopi springs.

And Orthodox Christians do not start a festive, but solemn Holy Week, the last before Easter.

You do not need to be a communist to know the native history and its leaders

Birthdays of the day:

  • Vadim;
  • Gabriel.

What holidays fall on April 22 in the world

The neighbors on the planet affairs with the events are more interesting. First of all, today is Easter Monday, which in the Catholic tradition has almost the same meaning as Bright Sunday itself. In many countries of Western Europe, he even has the official status of the day off. So Europeans will be entertained on a grand scale:

  • in Germany will be held processions with candles;
  • in Italy, believers will collect baskets of food and go on picnics outside the city;
  • in Poland, young people will start to pour water on each other and passers-by on the street, but nobody will be offended by this;
  • in England men will begin to be worn by women.

Girls, be careful, telling about the English habit of your beloved, or else he can get on the Internet and find out that, according to the same tradition, on Easter Tuesday you will have to carry your sweetheart on yourself.

Pouring water on the girl you like is one of the ways to express your sympathy to her.

In addition to religious celebrations, April 22 is marked by several secular dates. Today is celebrating:

  • International Mother Earth Day, established by the United Nations in 2009;
  • Opening day of Brazil by Pedro Cabral in 1500 - as legend has it, it was done by mistake;
  • Queen Isabella I of Castile Day in Spain;
  • National Day of Gummies in the USA;
  • comic Day spring broderfaftov;
  • and finally - the drum roll - the Day of the Gamblers. With a clear conscience, you can laze around a bit and climb through the entertainment sites, just to remember to give your face the expression of a concentrated working person.

Remember Mitrich from the movie “Love and Pigeons”, who lamented over the wasted Bastille Day? Today you have a chance to partially correct his omission and mark the Day of laying the first stone in the construction of the famous prison. The date is not too festive, but it gives another reason to get into the network or reference books and enrich their knowledge with new information about the culture of France. For example, do you know that it was in the walls of this prison fortress that Voltaire wrote several of his best plays?

How are we going to celebrate?

Our country is not the first to participate in the celebration of Earth Day, so the majority of Russians, preoccupied with the state of the environment, on April 22 will have the opportunity to take part in any action timed to this holiday. Feel the desire to contribute to the salvation of the planet, look on the website of the local administration or volunteer organizations for announcements of planned events and choose any one to your taste.

On April 22 you will have a chance to do something useful for the planet.

And today you can:

  • visit a spring outside the city, clean it from the litter accumulated over the winter and wash with icy water - in the old days they believed that with this action you would scare evil from yourself;
  • Prepare gummies from gelatin, fruit juice and sugar and treat them to colleagues the next day;
  • open a bottle of red wine "Isabella" and, together with friends, raise a glass for the Queen of Castile, Italy and history;
  • to offer someone a brotherhood drink and get a new friend;
  • Schedule a Soviet-style party for the weekend with a bust of Ilyich and red pioneer ties. For the uninformed - "Interns", season 5, series 17 to help you, but do not get poisoned with canned food.

Celebrations, official or not so, pass, and good emotions remain with us in the form of high spirits, pleasant memories or new ideas, inspired by the next holiday. Do not miss the opportunity to make a bit of positive in your life, even if it becomes the cause of the flattery. Does it really matter for what reason you smile?