Emilia Clark on the cover of Vogue magazine

Emilia Clark became the heroine of the new issue of Vogue magazine. During the photo shoot, the actress tried on some elegant outfits. The girl appeared in front of readers in unusual images even for herself.

On the cover of the May issue a star appeared in a bright yellow dress with a huge bow on the back.

A cover photo appeared on the star’s Instagram page. She thanked the team for the work and admitted that she feels more confident when looking at this photo.

Clark also posed in a black Givenchy dress with a bow on her shoulders, which looked more like butterfly wings.

The star presented another masterpiece - a red dress by Carolina Herrera.

Numerous fans appreciated the vivid images of Emilia and left numerous comments calling her queen.

In an interview, the actress confessed that she would never retouch her pictures. She even proposed to ban the program for processing photos and start looking for beauty not inside, but inside.