Alsou commented on the results of "Voice. Children"

The singer first explained the scandal that unfolded after the victory of her daughter.

After the finalist of the recent project “Voice. Children” became Mikella Abramova, an incredible scandal arose. Simple viewers and representatives of show business demanded that Channel One recalculate the results, refusing to believe that the girl won honestly. The best experts who had recently rendered their verdict were invited to investigate the results of the season - bots, not real people, voted for Mikella. The management of the channel annulled the results of the project, promising to hold another final.

The other day, the singer Alsou gave the first comments regarding this situation - the girl's family tried to stand aside, as the haters were violently opposed to the child. According to her, Mikella herself should decide whether she will participate in the re-final. In general, Alsou believes that all participants in the project were involved in "someone's games."