Horoscope for May 28: what to pay attention to Leo and what changes are waiting for Aries?


Astrological forecast reports: Tuesday will be under the influence of the waning moon in Pisces, this is the 24th lunar day. The day symbolizes cooperation, partnership, compromises. The moment is successful for treatment and preventive measures. Information about the leading trends of the day and the concise recommendations of astrologers in the horoscope for all signs of the zodiac on May 28, 2019.


The horoscope for Aries on May 28 predicts: this Tuesday you may be too emotional, such behavior will lead to a deterioration of relationships with others. Astrologers recommend keeping emotions in check both at work and at home. Stars indicate the likelihood of professional growth. It seems that today there will be an important meeting or acquaintance, thanks to which Aries will be able to move up the career ladder.

In the personal life of the family representatives of the first sign are not the most positive trends. Straight talk and joint leisure will help overcome any disagreements and strengthen relationships with loved ones and relatives.

Great news for single women and men: on this day, many will be able to find a potential mate, catch luck by the tail!


Today it is worth remembering the promises you made to preserve the reputation and trust of others

The controversial Tuesday will be issued by the Taurus. The horoscope for May 28, 2019 prophesies: today you can feel incredible fatigue and even apathy, you will want some small changes and new sensations. Meanwhile, the day is really conducive to short trips, redecorating, updating wardrobe or interior, entertainment events.

The location of celestial bodies reports a possible news from a close friend or relative. It seems that this news will be pleasant and will be linked to the financial sector. The second half of the day will bring anxiety Taurus parents. Fortunately, you will be able to quickly eliminate minor troubles concerning children or grandchildren.

Astrologers advise not to forget about the promises that you made to someone from the inner circle or at work. They are counting on you and waiting for concrete actions.


Gemini, today is to wait with acquaintances, especially if you are aiming to find a life partner or chosen one. The horoscope for Tuesday, May 28, predicts: dating and dating these days are fraught with strong disappointments and troubles. And family representatives of the third sign of the zodiac will have to face a lot of trouble, unexpected expenses are possible - try to maintain harmony in the family, regardless of external circumstances.

There may be some difficulties in the professional field. Astrologers urge Gemini not to chop off his shoulder: now is not the best time for dismissal, but you can do a job viewing vacancies and sending out resumes.

Today you may be asked for support or advice. Do not refuse to help those who really need it.


Raki, the horoscope on May 28, 2019 indicates a weakening of the noun system due to frequent stresses and the lack of quality rest. This Tuesday is likely to catch an infection or catch a cold, take care of yourself. Leisure time is preferable to spend in a relaxed atmosphere, try to go to bed early.

The location of the planets informs: urgent matters and unforeseen expenses are possible today. Some Cancers can face material problems. Astrologers do not recommend making installments or taking loans, it is better to seek help from someone from the inner circle.

Love prediction recommends paying attention to a loved one or children. Looks like a family or a half needs your participation.

a lion

Today, health will be a priority topic for Lviv

Lions, on these days try not to refuse the help of others, especially if support is offered by close people. The horoscope for Tuesday, May 28, warns: today you should not snack in cafes and canteens, there is a possibility of food poisoning. Experiment with the home menu now, too, should not be.

Morning hours are suitable for solving complex problems and important meetings. But in the afternoon it is preferable to take up health or appearance. The moment is successful for visiting a hairdressing salon and purchasing clothes, shoes, and accessories. You can also start preventive measures or treatment courses.

Stars point Leo-entrepreneurs and novice businessmen on the need for personnel changes. It seems that someone from the professional environment slows down the workflow.


Virgo, astrological forecast for May 28, 2019 is favorable. This Tuesday is suitable for bookkeeping, including personal, for any financial transactions and work with documentation. The main thing is not to lose the initiative. Unforeseen circumstances are possible, then you will have to show restraint and efficiency.

Love horoscope promises Virgins great luck in the amorous sphere. This is a great moment to search for halves, first dates, for dating on the Internet. Some representatives of the sixth sign can hear cherished confessions.

In the life of family men and women positive trends are outlined. Use the opportunity to strengthen relationships with loved ones and deal with the accumulated disagreements.


Scales, it is favorable time for shopping

The horoscope for Libra on May 28th prophesies: now it is necessary to focus on health and wellness procedures. Astrologers recommend not to neglect the morning exercises, physical activity, feasible physical exertion. Some representatives of the seventh sign would not hurt to visit a medical facility.

This Tuesday is suitable for large-scale shopping and large purchases. You can update your wardrobe, please yourself and loved ones with new accessories and pleasant trifles. Today's purchases promise to be successful. In the afternoon, visits of friends or relatives are likely, try to create a cozy homely atmosphere.

Today, caution should be exercised when working with securities, as well as when signing contracts and agreements.


The horoscope recommends Scorpio to refrain from any cosmetic procedures on these days, they are unlikely to have a beneficial effect on your skin. Today's visits to the hairdresser is also desirable to move. But for the treatment of chronic ailments, the moment is extremely favorable, the main thing is to refuse self-treatment.

Stars indicate: May 28, 2019 some unexpected sign events and changes may occur that will allow the Scorpions to change their lives for the better. This Tuesday may come true your most intimate dreams.

Astrologers are advised to listen to common sense and others, because the inner instinct can let you down. Today you should not make important decisions - the probability of miscalculation is high.


This day will allow Sagittarius to realize his ideas and dreams.

This Tuesday the Sagittarius will be known as the real favorites of Fortune. According to the horoscope, you will be overwhelmed with vitality, optimism and motivation. The day is favorable for profile education and self-education, for business trips and meetings, you can safely take on complex challenges and global undertakings. Yes, this day will not do without minor difficulties. But the stars are sure that you will cope with any obstacles.

Love prediction warns representatives of the ninth sign: now is not the best time for intrigues and dating on the Internet. New romantic hobbies are fraught with strong disappointment.

Today it is worth to wait a little with the repair and construction works. Sagittarius is best to avoid any risk-related activity. There is a possibility of accidents, injuries and bruises.


Capricorns, a horoscope for May 28, 2019 recommends that you stop eating meat products and fatty foods this Tuesday - there is a possibility of serious problems with the stomach or intestines. The first half of the day will not be the most successful at times, because it is better to postpone the professional activity, as well as postpone trips and meetings. But in the second half, many Capricorns will be able to find a common language literally with everyone - take this opportunity!

Today you may be asked for financial assistance. If this person once helped you, try not to refuse him. But unfamiliar individuals now trust undesirable.

The location of the planets promises unexpected acquaintances, including a romantic one. Astrologers advise not to focus on the first impression, it may be erroneous.


Aquarius, horoscope on May 28, 2019 predicts the likelihood of your career growth or creative breakthrough. This Tuesday, you should take an active stand and demonstrate talents, knowledge and skills to those around you. Probably in the near future you are waiting for a rapid increase in income.

The health forecast calls for the eleventh sign of the zodiac to give up harmful foods and heavy food. Now your body needs a fractional diet and unloading diet. Prefer unsweetened porridge, fruit, vegetables, herbs.

This is a good moment for gardeners and gardeners. Work in the fresh air will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and immunity.


Pisces, according to the horoscope on May 28, this day favors the completion of long-standing business and creative endeavors. Now any plans and ideas are easily realized, the main thing is to take the initiative and not to waste your time on trifles.

This Tuesday some Pisces will be alarmed by some events related to relatives or friends. Astrology is advised to show delicacy and pliability, do not get involved in conflicts and do not raise sharp topics.

Love prediction prophesies: the twelfth sign may reveal secret information relating to the half or relating directly to you.