Gauguin Suns: "My wife is drinking too much!"

Showman desperate to help his wife.

Just a week ago, Gauguin Solntsev told the followers that he had to urgently pick up his wife Ekaterina Tereshkovich from the sanatorium, where she rested, because of the fight. As it became known now, the woman was not just on vacation there, but was undergoing treatment for alcohol dependence. However, according to Solntseva, even there Catherine managed to get drunk. On one of these days, alcohol led to unmotivated aggression, and Tereshkovich attacked the staff and her neighbors with fists. As a result, Gauguin had to urgently take his wife home so that they would not file an application against her.

Now the showman can not cope with his wife. Tereshkovich drinks a lot, brings home from the street homeless people and strangers as drinking companions.