Pregnant in Miami: Kate Upton will be mom soon

American model Kate Upton shared her good news with fans.

Kate Upton, better known for her role in the movie “Grief-Creator,” and successful baseball player Justin Verlander legalized their relationship in the fall of 2017, and recently the post about another happy news story appeared in the profile of the actress.

Kate's account on Instagram is overly reserved, she practically does not publish photos with her husband. Yesterday, Upton was truly shocked by the followers by sharing a snapshot of her rounded belly with the signature "pregnant in Miami." Fans happily responded to this message.

No less happy father even made a repost of this publication in his profile. "I am infinitely glad that you will be the mother of my baby. I can not wait for the moment when we begin the trip in three. I love you madly, Kate!" - Justin wrote. The post has collected a large number of comments from the touched fans.