Hairstyles with braids (55 photos) - Weave for medium and long hair


Hairstyles with braids amaze imagination with beauty and perfection. Such images can be used for any occasion

Hairstyles with braids surprise with beauty and originality. From early childhood, girls feel the interest of boys in pigtails, and with age, it only gets stronger. Today, there are many types of weaves on hair of different lengths. They will bring bright colors on weekdays and will decorate any celebration.

Striking braid hat

Hair with braids can complement both everyday look and be part of the evening dress

Hairstyles from braids do it yourself

The most popular weaving is the classic and French braid, fish tail. They form the basis of hairstyles with a complex structure. The classic braid is created from three strands that are intertwined alternately, overlapping each other.

The technique of weaving the main types of braids:

  • Spikelet Perfect for office style and looks natural with a tracksuit. To braid it, you need to divide the hair into 3 strands and weave as a classic, but gradually adding side hairs. For greater originality braid spike bottom up.

Everyone knows from childhood spit cone

  • Half hair differs from the previous version in that only those strands that are located in the direction of hair growth are woven into the braid. Thus, the hair on the opposite side remains loose.

Strands are woven into the half-hair from one side only.

  • French braid It has many variants of weaving, but it differs from others by using not all hair, but only small tufts, to which others are gradually woven.

Bulk French braid

  • Kosa boho It is usually braided on the side partly from a bang and from the main hair. The principle of weaving is similar to the creation of the French braid.

Spit boho is always stylish and original

  • Greek braid always braids around the edge. You can easily create it yourself and quickly turn into a real Greek goddess. It is necessary to begin weaving with division of hair in the temporal zone into 3 equal parts. Counterclockwise with each new movement the lower strands of hair are woven into the design. After reaching the middle of the neck, fasten the braid and start to weave on the other side. When pigtails meet, they are fixed with hairpins or, if the hair is long, you can weave them into one.

Greek braid - the main element of any hairstyle in the Greek style

  • Harness perfect for all newbies in the creation of hairstyles. To do this, two equal strands are twisted separately in different directions, forming tight laces from the hair. Having twisted them, with each other, the braid turns out from 2 strands. Fastened with a rubber band or barrette.

Spit in the form of a harness - an option for those who are just starting to master weaving techniques

  • Waterfall lies in the fact that after one weave, the hair is not fixed in a braid, and flow down. The rest of the hair remains loose. Complicate hair can be weaving several waterfalls.

Stunning Waterfall Spit

  • Fish tail begins with the separation of tufts of hair from the sides of the temples. The right strand is crossed with the left, in which a new one is separated and again crossed with the right and weave to the end.

Spit fish tail consists of thin strands

  • Spit of four strands harder and more beautiful than usual. For weaving the first strand is wound under the second, the third is superimposed on the first, fourth under the first, second over the third and fourth over the second. Further weaving continues by repeating the previous steps.

Spit of four strands - an option for those who break down stereotypes

Tip! Any braid can be turned into a bright and original part of the external image, adding a beautiful silk ribbon to the strands.

There are 7 main "geographical" varieties of weaving braids: Russian, French, Dutch, German, English, Greek and African. Most of them have nothing to do with the countries that gave them the name.

  • Russian Spit - the traditional version of the weaving of three strands. The easiest way used all over the world by both women and men.
  • French braid - weaving with the selection of side strands and weaving them into the main braid. Gives the possibility of weaving with the capture of almost all the hair.
  • The Dutch Spit is the reverse (inverted) version of the French Spit. May also be called a German braid. Gives a voluminous effect, especially with long strands, even on thin hair.
  • English braid - weaving a classic three-spit braid or any other on pre-assembled tail hair. It was originally invented for female jockeys who found it difficult to wear a riding helmet.
  • The Greek braid is a braid braided around the edge of the hair. Initially, she emphasized the status of free residents of ancient Greece, while slaves were cut short.
  • Afrokosa - weaving thin braids over the entire area of ​​the head using special fibers and fixing means. Initially, it had purely utilitarian functions, due to living in a hot climate and the lack of regular hair washing.

Hair braid in braid will wake the imagination

Excellent emphasizes the individuality of the hostess hair braid in a braid. It gives hair extra volume, so it is well suited for a girl with thin hair and includes simple weaving of the outer braid and French. You can change the hairstyle at its discretion, experimenting with other methods of weaving. Skilled craftswomen change the second braid for a change into a harness, a square braid and other types.

Unusual hairstyle braid in braid

To braid a double braid you need:

  • The hair is divided into 3 identical strands, and weaving of the reverse French braid or spikelet inside out begins.
  • To 2 strands a new one is added, called conditionally 2a. The weave ends with an extra strand on top left.
  • A new strand of a smaller size 3a is also added to the 3 strands, the weaving continues and ends with a small strand on top left, as in the previous case.
  • The same actions need to be repeated until the spit does not get the required length. Fixed elastic hair.
  • The free strand 2a left on top is divided into 3 parts and the reverse braid is braided out of them.
  • The strands 2b and 3b are added along the order and weaving continues along the entire length of the hair.
  • The edges of the spit need to stretch and relax.
  • Secure the 2 braids with a rubber band and fix it with varnish.

Tip!Hair braid in a braid will suit owners of long hair. With an average length, it will decay, and on short haircuts is impossible at all.

Original look hairstyles, combining several types of weaving

Fishtail braid rim, turning into a beam

Horsetail from a braid flagellum

Features hairstyle weaving braids

One standard braid is a classic everyday version. But which hairstyle to make it beautiful and comfortable? The combination of several braids that make up one large composition, allows you to attract the attention of others.

Fish tail braid

Volumetric spit fish tail. Step 1-2

Volumetric spit fish tail. Step 3-4

Volumetric spit fish tail. Step 5-6

For a romantic date, you can braid a heart. To do this, first treat the hands with a fixing gel or varnish. Means allow you to remove excess fluff and make hair smooth and manageable. On the side of the head, one strand is separated and immediately after it the next. The lower curl is passed under the top, creating a knot, and tensioned. The next thin strand creates the same loop. During the weaving does not need to lose the ends of the strands. They will be needed to form the heart. Six knots on the one hand are enough, they are temporarily fixed and perform the same manipulations on the other side. The tips of the strands are tied together and decorated with rhinestones.

Two parallel braids

Tip!Every ordinary hairstyle can be made original by adding the most common weaves.

Traditional braid spikelet

Spit spike, turning into a fish tail

Spit with bangs: features and technology

Not so long ago, bangs became popular. It is of several types: long, short, straight and oblique. The universality of the braid allows any weaving in combination with the bangs to look organic and festive.

Boho braid braided out of bangs

Hair with straight bangs and oblique rim

On the elongated bangs, a spit-boho looks naturally on its side. Thanks to the tight weaving, an elegant bezel is obtained, which allows you to collect hair and save on the purchase of accessories. The rest of the hair can be curled and leave curls loose. Get a charming, slightly sloppy romantic image. If some classic braids are randomly woven into the hair, there will be a complete hippie style.

Braid and oblique bangs

The Dutch braid looks impressive on a long bang. It is made according to the principle of French, only the strands do not lay on each other, but run inside. It is necessary to continue the process along the forehead until the fringe ends, then fasten it with a thin elastic band and stab it behind the ear with an invisible or beautiful hairpin.

French braid

Unusual hairstyle will give a French braid on the fringe. To do this, the main part of the hair should be secured to the back in a bun or horse's tail. Then you need to arrange the side strands. From two sides they are woven into a French braid, starting from the point of hair growth. Then the braids need to relax a little to get the volume. Finish hairstyle should design the beam, fixing weaving invisible. When weaving in combination with the tail, one braid on the bang along the line of the forehead is enough, the ends of which will replace the gum with the tail.

Malvink hair with braids and straight bangs

Tip! For a change, it is recommended to experiment with bangs with the help of its styling. It can be divided into a straight or sided parting, beautifully stabbed from different sides, or just combed up.

Hairstyle for medium hair: braid always stays in trend

Choosing a braid that is suitable for medium-length hair, you do not need to limit your imagination. It all depends on the patience and time that should be given to the creation of this masterpiece.

Hairstyle with a scythe on medium hair

Bohemian chic will add weaving of Greek braids. They can be placed in any direction, creating new forms. If you alternate tight braids and slightly fluffed, you can achieve the effect of slight negligence.

Reverse french braid

In everyday life, the French braids, the so-called spikelets, are indispensable. They can be styled for an evening event. It is enough to make weaving in two spikelets. If weave such a braid on the contrary, you can create the shape of an openwork flower. For it you need:

  • Select the side parting on the desired side.
  • Weave the back of the spike three strands to the end and secure with a rubber band.
  • Return to the beginning and pull the loops of hair out of each strand.
  • The end of the spit, twisting it in a spiral, to form a flower and secure with studs.

Hairstyle for medium hair with braids

Hairstyle for medium hair with braids. Step 1-4

Hairstyle for medium hair with braids. Step 5-8

Tip!To loose hair combined with weaving, they are recommended to curl on the curling iron and leave casually down on his shoulders.

Stunning braids for long hair

From long hair, you can experiment weaving different types. For example, only a few minutes will be spent on a spectacular Greek hairstyle, but the result will delight every girl.

Braids connecting in a flower

Voluminous French braid, turning into a tail - an excellent hairstyle for long hair

For a hairstyle, you first need to tie a taut tail, which is divided into 4 equal parts. Of these, 4 free fishtails are woven. The first is formed by the bezel around the head. The second is laid out below the first from the opposite side. The third is also laid out below in a circle. The fourth is laid out in the middle the shape of the flower.

Ponytail with a French braid

Ponytail with a French braid. Step 1-2

Ponytail with a French braid. Step 3-4

Ponytail with a French braid. Step 5-6

If you don’t want to hide the length, you can braid a long volume braid of 4 or more strands, securing it with a rubber band at the bottom. On a well-groomed hair, any braid looks great.

Spit fish tail and a flower from the hair

Spit fish tail and a flower from the hair. Step 1-2

Spit fish tail and a flower from the hair. Step 3-4

Spit fish tail and a flower from the hair. Step 5-6

Spit fish tail and a flower from the hair. Step 7-8

Tip!After washing your hair you should not be too zealous with the application of fixing means for hair. Curls become heavier and can look rough from an oversupply of gel.

Spit-cone on long hair

Wedding braids: what caused the popularity?

Hair with braids never go out of fashion. At the wedding the bride has a chance to show her originality with various weaves. Of course, in this case it is better not to do the hair-do yourself, because the design may be too complicated.

A low bun and a braid bezel is a great choice for a wedding hairstyle

Elegant braids are often present in brides hairstyles

To emphasize femininity and romance will help braids with interwoven flowers. They should be in harmony with the wedding bouquet and the overall style of the celebration.

Bride with a braid rim

Without a veil, a bunch of braids looks spectacular. To create you need only a little patience. A beautiful rim of several waterfalls and long wrapped braids form a flower with bulky petals. The simplicity and tenderness gives a magnificent braid on its side. The image of an innocent princess will complete a neat little tiara.

With a veil it is not necessary to make complex constructions of weaves. It is enough to issue a bang. You can braid your hair so that it does not become disheveled under the fabric.

Multiple braid bundle

Tip!In order to enjoy the celebration, you do not need to tighten the strands into braids. They tighten the skin, and in a few hours the bride will feel discomfort. Having a little fluffed up hair, additional volume will appear, and there will be strength for fun.

Wedding hairstyle with a scythe on long hair

Laying on the final: braids will not remain in childhood

School prom night is remembered for a lifetime, so everything, including appearance, should be perfect. Hairstyle helps to emphasize all the advantages of the owner and attract the enthusiastic views of others. Her selection depends on the overall style of the event, dress and image, but weaving always looks advantageous.

Braid hairstyle

Spit waterfall - romantic and solemnly

On long hair, you can make your own hair from several waterfalls. This is a great alternative to loose hair that will not interfere, and will not be disheveled for the whole festive day.

Elegant hairstyle with a slash at prom

Elegant French spirals attract with their elegance and elegance. They are quickly and easily made. First you need to comb your hair and twist the strand on the crown into a bundle of 3 cm. Then a strand on the left side is added to it, and they twist together. In the resulting string of hair, new strands are gradually added from two sides. The remaining hair is fixed invisible or beautiful hairpins.

Tip! To keep your hair fresh until the end of the solemn day, you need to treat it with a strong hold varnish. Extra shine will give wax.