10 of the most unusual hobbies in the world: oh well!


What people are not fond of! Some collect stamps, others - dishes from expensive restaurants, and the third one likes to create masterpieces from what is considered to be rubbish. The most unusual hobby made many authors famous.

Cassette film pictures

This unusual hobby is of great interest to the public.

Audio and video tapes are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. The easiest way would be to get rid of the trash in the traditional way, but not everyone shares this opinion. Creative people have learned to create pictures from film that evoke a lively interest from the public and are in demand. So, Erica Iris Symons from Princeton (USA) was an ordinary freelance artist with an average income, until she started creating paintings from a tape. Today, her works are snapped up, and the queue of customers does not dry out.

Mud balls

An original hobby that costs almost nothing

An original hobby that costs almost nothing. From the usual mud craftsmen personally roll the balls, which are then dried and polished. The result is “balls” with a perfectly smooth surface. Many consider them works of art and purchase for interior decoration. In Japan, this craft is called predango. As it turned out, unusual for Europeans hobby is a traditional form of leisure among the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Pictures on dirty auto glass

Car glass is ideal for creativity.

Creative artists believe that splashed car windows are ideal for creativity. With the help of water and a brush, the authors create paintings that are a pity then to be washed off. And yet you have to do it, but photos remain in memory of the masterpieces. One of those who became famous for the ability to paint on dusty glass was Scott Wade from Texas (USA). He rarely washes his Mini Cooper, preferring to spend all his free for painting spattered surfaces. The author creates portraits, still lifes and just funny pictures, which are happy to photograph passersby and journalists.

Sweaters with pictures

With the help of drawings on sweaters, the author plans his travels.

American Sam Barsky became famous for his unusual hobby: he knits sweaters with images of sights and landscapes, on the background of which is then photographed. We can say that in this way the author plans his travels. As a plot for woolen paintings, the artist chooses, for example, panoramas of New York, Stonehenge stones park, waterfalls, beaches and other beautiful places. According to the page of S. Barsky on Facebook, in 2016 they are connected to 12 sweaters.

Water painting

Water Painting - Traditional Japanese Art

This traditional Japanese art is called "sumingashi", that is, "floating ink". To an uninitiated person it is similar to a miracle - to paint a picture on the water surface, in order to transfer it to a sheet. Masters believe that there is nothing difficult in this, therefore anyone who wishes can learn sumingashi. In Turkey, this technique of painting is called ebru. The world-famous master of water paintings, Hikmet Baruchugil, works in Istanbul, whose paintings can even be seen in the British Museum.

Ecstasy collection

This unusual hobby has followers.

In 2009, a 46-year-old man approached the police of the city of Irbik (the Netherlands), who claimed that he had a stolen collection of banned ecstasy tablets containing more than 2,400 copies. According to the victim, he himself is not addicted to drugs, and he turned to the police solely out of philanthropy, because if a thief wants to try the effects of such a quantity of drugs containing drugs on himself, he will die. This is how dangerous the hobby has made its owner famous, although such fame can hardly be envied. It is noteworthy that he had followers who chose multi-colored tablets as the material for the collections.

Sculptures from slate

The results of his work the author gives away to friends

A resident of the USA Dalton Getty, a carpenter by profession, became interested in carving at the age of eight. He tried various materials, including soap, wood and chalk, but his love for pencil pen won. On the creation of each masterpiece on average takes almost a month, and the most complex composition was born within two years. In this case, the master spends no more than a couple of hours on his favorite hobby a day. Working with the material, Getty uses only three tools - a razor, cutter and sewing needle. The carver does not even need a magnifying glass, for the master simply "turns the pencil in his hand, picking it with a needle." It is noteworthy that the author does not sell the results of his unusual hobby, but gives away to his best friends.

Pictures of sticky stationery

This unusual hobby is becoming increasingly popular.

This unusual hobby is becoming increasingly popular, because it does not require large expenditures and makes it possible to create unique things. One of the adherents of "sticky" art was Max Zorn from Holland. He creates amazing portraits and landscapes from the usual monotonous scotch tape that sticks on the plexiglass. As the tape, layer upon layer, falls on a plane, the silhouettes and faces of people become recognizable. To make the paintings “alive”, the author controls the progress of the process with an LED lamp installed behind the working glass — the lighter the part has to be, the less layers of adhesive tape should be applied. The master "writes" various plots, but episodes from old Hollywood films became his favorite theme.

Sculptures from tires

This masterpiece takes at least three months of hard work.

This creative material was successfully mastered by a Korean named Yong Ho Ji, whose unusual hobby is the creation of incredible animal sculptures and fantastic monsters. According to the author, everything is simple - first the frame is installed, which then “overgrows” with details. Compositions are extremely believable, because Yong Ho Ji accurately observes all anatomical proportions. For his first work from the tires, the artist donated his own BMW wheels. Today, the material is abundant, and the list of copyright works is constantly growing. Among them are rhino, minotaur, shark and other real, as well as fictional animals. For each masterpiece takes at least three months of hard work.

Unusual hobbies are not only a way to take free time, but also an opportunity to demonstrate to the world a non-standard look at familiar things. In addition, many people manage to earn good money on their favorite business.