Bold hairstyles for short hair (50 photos): stylish and fast


Finding the perfect hairstyle for short hair is an interesting thing. We offer you the best options for everyday images for girls with short hair

Beautiful and well-groomed hair is the key to success for any woman, but short hair hairstyles are not very popular due to the lack of skills in creating them. Length does not matter when creating a bright and stylish image. Moreover, for decades in the fashionable world distinguish stylish women's hairstyles, which emphasize the individuality.

Council Do not confuse naturalness and untidy. It is so tempting to believe in the statements of stylists that light negligence is in trend. The problem is that such a simple naturalness of the stars in the photographs is achieved by a long and careful preliminary preparation. No wonder the biggest chic is considered to be so natural that no one suspects how much effort, time, and often money is spent on creating such an image. Even at the age of 20, when naturalness is so sweet and easily achievable, you will not be able to give the impression of slight negligence when you spend your morning on a dirty hairbrush But the effect of not watching a mess is always welcome. With age, the situation will only worsen. Love your hair and take care of them, then the effect of natural beauty will be provided to you.

In 2016, stylists please connoisseurs of simple styling, quick hair care and lightness: short haircuts at the peak of popularity

Androgynous hairstyles this season do not leave the pages of gloss

Traditional bob and squares are also in fashion

Topical haircuts for short hair

Owners of short haircuts can afford to look no worse than long-haired beauties. It is enough to choose the best hairstyle for you, which you can do yourself at home and it will not take much time.

In 2016, stylists please connoisseurs of simple styling, quick hair care and lightness: short haircuts at the peak of popularity. The main rule is naturalness and simplicity, in combination with creative and flirtatious insolence. There are six types of current short-haired current season:

Four and ombre staining - bright and stylish

Caret is easy to care for. This haircut is variable, you can wear as a casual option, and smoothly aligned curls

The car is suitable for both thin hair and fluffy hair

  • Long beloved caret never go out of style. Haircut is suitable for weekdays and holidays. Comfortable and easy to maintain. Additional accessories will give the image of romance or seriousness.

In the square you can do an evening hairstyle, for example, Malvinka

It is also convenient for everyday activities to collect the front strands in a tall palm

  • Classical bean takes the leading positions because of universality. Haircut is suitable for wavy and straight hair and is not picky in the care. For laying it is enough to arm with a hair dryer and brushing. The length of the bean may be different. To emphasize the swan graceful neck the shortened version will suit perfectly and vice versa. Oblique bangs complete the stylish look.

Haircut bob with shaved nape

This hairstyle will suit girls with a small head.

Due to its different levels, the bob gives the image playfulness

  • Asymmetrical square bob adds courage to the owner. Haircut with a high neck and long sloping front strands that visually reduce the face. More suitable for straight hair, but curling iron can always help with this.

Asymmetrical bob-kare - each side looks different

Even short hair can be braided

Playful and romantic hairstyle for short hair

  • Universal graduated haircuts help to create any desired image. The length can be different, and the styling does not require special attention. The highlight of this form is in easy negligence. For laying it is enough to use only fixing means.

Graded haircuts are characterized by strands of different lengths, giving the hair volume

Flowing lightness is graded haircuts.

  • Cheeky garcon suitable for every woman who wants to look young. Very short length allows you to beat the individual strands. Oblique bangs perfectly complements the image.

Haircut garcon - for girls who are not afraid of bold decisions

Multicolored Garcon

Council If such a creative coloring immediately scary, but really want to, you can experiment with tonics that give color, but washed out much faster than paint. Tint tonic can be mixed with each other, getting interesting spectacular options with coloring individual strands or the entire head of hair at once. Their advantages are also more gentle than the dye effect on the hair, which will not suffer much from your experiments on them.

  • Spectacular pixie returned from the 60s. It is very short and incredibly spectacular, thanks to the strands that fall on the forehead. A variety of styling striking variation. You can achieve a gentle look with a smooth pixie. Torn styling adds boldness, and curling iron will create a retro style.

Compared to garcon, pixie cut is very gentle and innocent.

This hairstyle will suit girls with perfect facial features.

Simple hairstyles for curly hair

Wavy hair adds to the image playfulness, warmth, liveliness and good mood. They are difficult to lay, because unruly curls always require freedom. However, following certain tips, you can make a beautiful festive hairstyle of short curly hair.

The first rule of curls - timely haircut and curls correction. Appeal and accuracy is possible only if there are no regrown tips. Split and spoiled hair spoils the look and curls become uninteresting.

Wavy hair adds to the image playfulness, warmth, liveliness and good mood. They are difficult to lay, because unruly curls always require freedom.

The first rule of curls - timely haircut and curls correction. Appeal and accuracy is possible only if there are no regrown tips.

The second law is styling. Short curly hair puff too much. Therefore, you should use a hairdryer with a nozzle diffuser during styling. It will help curls look more collected and clearly. Fixing styling - best friend styling. They keep curls in shape for a long time, not letting them push and decay.

Loose curly hair always looks beautiful, but sometimes the soul requires a variety. The most relevant hairstyles for short wavy strands: tail and malvinka. The tail should be done so that the upper part of the head was as smooth as possible, and the tail with clear and separated curls. Complete a beautiful hairstyle accessory.

Extremely short hairstyle for wavy hair. With such a haircut, it is important to follow the styling daily.

For easier styling wavy hair is better to use a hairdryer with a nozzle diffuser

Haircut with mohawk on wavy hair

It is not very difficult to make malvinka on short hair. The main thing is to find the two longest strands in front and fasten them to the back with a beautiful barrette. These strands can easily be turned into a braid to make it more beautiful. Spit, by the way, you can beat in different ways. The rim of the braid will look great, especially if you leave one sloppy wavy curl.

Short wavy curls always need to keep in order, not allowing them to turn you into a dandelion

Elegant bob on wavy hair

Volume square on curly curls

Androgynous style is always in fashion.

Androgynous women's hairstyles are typical fashionable men's haircuts. Given that powerful women want to look sexy and aggressive, such hairstyles are perfect for them.

Androgynous women's hairstyles - good haircuts spy on men

When choosing an androgynous haircut, it should be remembered that the hair will not grow back quickly and that a haircut that is too short is a bold decision. It will not suit women with a long neck. The flaws of the ears will also be clearly visible. Ladies with curvaceous styling unisex will present a masculine look. If we consider the length of the hair and the profession, then a haircut for a boy is more suitable for representatives of creative professions: journalists, designers, artists.

When choosing an androgynous haircut, it should be remembered that the hair will not grow back quickly and that a too short haircut is a bold decision.

Short haircuts can be quite feminine.

Too short hair does not eliminate the possibility of experiments with forms. You can, for example, curl the bang, braid it in a braid or lacquer to fix the hair in any direction.

Standard androgynous haircut:

  • Comb with frequent teeth, comb your wet hair;
  • Rub the hair foam on the palms and between the fingers;
  • Hand-crafted ruffle the hair for volume;
  • Cold air dryer dry strands.

If we consider the length of the hair and the profession, then a haircut for a boy is more suitable for representatives of creative professions

Pigtail Short Haircut

Tip! For drying on a hairdryer, you should select the "cold temperature" mode, so that after the procedure, the hair shines and is not overdried. During the action, you can pull the hair to get a playful hairstyle.

Grunge styling

The grunge style is characterized by shreds, carelessness, asymmetry and ease of care. Even if you just comb your hair after washing your hair, you still get a grunge-style haircut. If you are tired of neat licked hair, this haircut will perfectly help to forget about them.

Grunge is a legal shaggy style.

Most grunge style is suitable for curly hair

The direction of grunge in the first place inclines towards naturalness. Preference is given to wavy hair. The hairstyle will be suitable both for office, and for daily use.

The style originates in rock music. Therefore, the wardrobe should also match. To complete the look, rough boots, flannel shirts and torn jeans will do. Naturally, such an image is unacceptable in business circles. But the haircut has so firmly taken its place in the fashion world that it will look great with a classic suit and a pencil skirt.

Any haircut can be turned into a grunge - just enough to mess it up a bit and fix it with varnish

Any haircut can be turned into a grunge style hairstyle. Especially simple with short hair. They are good enough to ruffle and fix varnish.

Tip! If you need to make a braid in the style of grunge, it just needs a little fluff and comb. The effect of negligence can also be obtained with the help of uneven, divided by fingers, parting.

Rock style will always be alive

The style is not characterized by restrictions on musical preferences. Bright and extreme image like even lovers of the classics. Haircuts reflect the mood and reveal the creative nature of man.

Good old rock is always in fashion. Tight braids on one side of the head and loose disheveled hair on the other - what you need

Such hairstyles are especially popular among young people. Young people shave different patterns on their heads. Girls like to shave their temporal lobes, decorating them with clipped roses or other symbols of beauty. To avoid asymmetry, you can use hairpins and styling tools. For example, a hairstyle in which all hair is combed to one side is popular, opening the other temple completely.

Imitation of shaved head is also possible with the use of braids. On the temporal lobe of one side make strong neat weaving that removes the volume and the bulk of the hair.

Rock loves backdrops, mohawks and shaved whiskey

Rebelliousness is presented to the image in bouffant and Iroquois. Stylish crest easy to put using fixing gel and fingers. You can play with flowers. For example, singer Rihanna and Pink are vivid representatives of style. Their hairstyles were played with different bright colors, including pink.

Glam rock hairstyle will be a great option for any party

Predatory image is easy to create on short hair with the help of punk. To build it, you need:

  • Divide the hair into two equal parts and separate the top center from the bottom, fixing with hairpins, so that there is a perfectly even parting. Put mousse on the bottom part and make a tail.
  • The upper part of the hair turns in the direction of the forehead cone.
  • Twist the tail.
  • Comb both sides (top and bottom) towards the roots, separate each strand separately to achieve negligence.
  • The parts are connected in the center with the help of pins.
  • The tail in the beam is hidden behind the upper part laid.

Is the 80s back in fashion?

In the 1980s, voluminous fluffy hairstyles were popular. Style Icons - Madonna and Michael Jackson. In addition to the huge fleece, used bandages with sparkles.

The 80s were marked by fashion for jeans and hairstyles with crazy volume. The trends of those years are back

Today we should pay attention to the hairstyle, which has a short length in front and behind, and in the upper part of the head there is a volume of elongated curls. It differs from iroquois in its variability of styling. Upper hair can be styled in different ways. They can randomly fall to one side or stand upright. This hairstyle is suitable only for brave girls who want to make the image bright and unforgettable. Haircut is inconvenient because it needs to be laid daily. Without styling it will not look.

Also popular was perm. The more magnificent it was, the better. The bulk was at the top of the head.

Hairstyle with fleece in the style of the 80s

Hairstyle with fleece in the style of the 80s. Step 1-4

Hairstyle with fleece in the style of the 80s. Step 5-7

Romantic image can be created with the "Nest" haircut. For such styling with short hair will require chignon and overhead strands.

Any hairstyle can be decorated with bright bandages, bows and sequins. Appropriate makeup will improve the image and help you look stylish, even in boring everyday life.

Tip! The style of the 80s is easy to recreate, using lacquers for styling and other fixing tools during the pile. The bigger it is, the better.

Retro hairstyles for every day

Retro hairstyles are filled with romanticism, sensuality and elegance. Neat waves have come down to us today.

Hairstyles in retro style are neatly laid out large curls

To create large waves is best to use curlers.

What should be retro hairstyles?

  • Hair is not curvaceous, but slick;
  • Waves can make any part, even highlight the bang;
  • Haircuts are made with sharp lines;
  • Long bangs most often fit to the side;
  • It is better to make waves on large curlers;
  • The absence of complex weaving;
  • As accessories, you can use headbands made of cloth, large flowers, wide learning, hairpins, caps or veils, ornaments with feathers.

To create a simple hairstyle in retro style, any haircut can be complemented with trendy decoration. For example, clean, brushed back straight hair looks impressive, on top of which is a wide hoop of bright acid color or a multi-colored fabric headband.

On such short hair, waves can be made using the ironing

Kare - perfect haircut for hairstyles in the style of the 30s

Another type of simple hairstyle - fixed varnish pile behind the head. The parting should be on one particular side, where the licked bangs are neatly laid.

To create waves on short hair is better to use special tools. Triple curling allows you to make any wave at the desired distance. The easiest way to create curls - wind on curlers. However, short hair is a difficult process, so a haircut with an elongated bob is suitable.

Big waves are a win-win option.

On the one hand, the hair can be collected and stabbed, thus opening the face

Wedding hairstyle in retro style

Delicate wedding look: styling with short hair complemented by an elegant tiara

Tip! If there is no time for daily styling and the creation of waves, you can ask the master at the barber to make a spectacular retro haircut. She doesn’t need special care, and various beautiful accessories will add some festive things.