Manicure with kamifubuki: 35 colorful ideas with photos


The effect of confetti in the nail design is preferred by people who are resilient, internally mobile, inclined to positive. And since there are a lot of them among us, a manicure with kamifubuki is a popular design solution when decorating nails.

Translated from the Japanese "kamifubuki" means "paper storm". However, the verbatim on this ends. The fact is that the masters of nail art use not paper, but metal elements.

The essence of the phenomenon is as follows: a lot of bright circles are placed on a monophonic background. The originality of the composition is the higher, the more unusual the combination of colors and sizes.

On the shape of a circle, designers are not limited. Hearts are used for decoration.

As well as stars and so on.

Fans of strict geometry will like triangles, rhombuses and even hexagons, resembling the shape of a diamond.

Accurate indications of the acceptability of certain figures do not exist. In one composition, absolutely unpredictable forms and different proportions can coexist.

It is interesting to look at the grouping and zoning of jewelry: asymmetrically within the nail plate.

By groups.

In the form of a pattern.

Stripe in one continuous row.

With imitation of images of leaves, trees and other elements of the natural theme.


As part of the texture, there is also a place to roam: frosted and shiny - at the request of customers. The boundaries of fantasy are boundless when it comes to choosing a color palette. Dark variations of the background: from black to purple, on which the yellow elements look good.

Blue-blue gamma visually lengthens short nails.

As for brightness / flashiness, delicate design with kamifubuki equally pleasing to the eye no less than artistically screaming. Many girls prefer nude variations, as well as ideas with milky pastel tones.

It's amazing that even gray and white colors look stylish, if not luxurious.

Backgroundless version: small elements are applied with a dense layer without gaps under the background.

The summer theme, often using bright yellow and mint shades, is a separate niche, quite popular and diverse.

Thematic elements are located on both solid and transparent backgrounds.

In addition to shades, the summer theme is realized by additional design touches - for example, images of flowers. They play a clarifying role, emphasizing the seasonality of design.

Creative thinking in a bright and bold manicure with Kamifubuki has every chance to prove himself. Properly selected brilliant elements of this style will be relevant both for the office and for a party or summer look.