Good haircuts for a diamond face


Choosing a hairstyle, you should proceed not only from the type of hair, but also from the features of the shape of the face: if you choose the right length and shape of the haircut, you can emphasize the dignity of your appearance and correctly place accents. A diamond-shaped face type is common and is almost universal: this form is elegant and harmonious, so many different haircuts can be considered. However, in choosing a new image there are always some subtleties that should be taken into account before going to the hairdresser.

Distinctive features of the diamond face

Diamond face type is considered one of the most beautiful. Aristocratic high cheekbones, narrow forehead and clearly defined chin are the main features of this appearance. This form is close to the ideal oval, if you visually expand the forehead and narrow the cheekbones with a properly chosen haircut. If you doubt what type of person you have, go to the mirror and mentally imagine the diamond as shown in the picture below: if the shape of the cheekbones, chin and forehead to such a geometric figure, then your face is called diamond-shaped.

Diamond-shaped face has an elongated shape with a pointed chin

Often, the rhombus is confused with the oval, but there are significant differences. A rhombus implies more protruding cheeks and a hard, straight line of the cheekbones. Also, the primitive in the diamond-shaped face protrudes slightly: it is especially noticeable thin girls. Finally, the forehead has the shape of a trapezoid.

It is also necessary to distinguish between diamond-shaped faces from square and triangular (heart). In the square version, the chin is less sharp, and the cheekbones are even heavier and lower. The triangular face is very similar not to a rhombus, but it is wider, not elongated: it is distinguished by wide cheekbones and a low forehead, which is not typical for a rhombus.

Stars with this type of face: photo

If you are not sure what image to choose, you can look at the successful haircuts of other women with this type of appearance. Many celebrities have a diamond-shaped face and know how to competently emphasize their merits. For example, girls go Hollywood curls with the effect of deliberate negligence.

Kate Hudson's voluminous curls soften her hard cheekbones and silently expand her face visually.

Asymmetry is in fashion now. On long hair, it doesn’t look very defiant, but it does make the image interesting - stars with high cheekbones and a sharp sub-tick often take note of this decision.

Madonna is another well-known owner of a diamond-shaped face who skillfully emphasizes its beauty with the help of asymmetrical styling in a cascade haircut.

All sorts of bangs look fresh and playful - especially they go under the elongated types of faces.

Halle Berry demonstrates how a long, milled bangs can help advantageously shape this type of face.

How to emphasize the dignity of appearance

Under the diamond fit many options for haircuts and hairstyles. It is worth avoiding unless options with a direct parting, with volume from above, haircuts expanding from sides, and also smooth laying. You should find ways to visually expand the forehead, soften the line of the chin and slightly narrow the cheekbones. A crucial role is played by the front strands of hair, which directly frame the face. They allow you to adjust the minor nuances of appearance and underline its merits.

The simplest haircuts on long or medium hair do not go to many, but it is the owners of the diamond-shaped type that can afford long front strands without gradation, thinning and pebbles. This allows you to make the line of the cheekbones softer and more attractive. The main thing is that the parting should not be in the very center, and the styling should not be too smooth, even if you have straight hair.

Ordinary hair cut fox tail with a fairly long front strands allows you to maximize the face and emphasize the beauty of its shape.

To focus on the beautiful cheekbones, you can try to make straight or oblique fringe covering the forehead.

Asymmetrical bangs allow you to hide your forehead and visually expand your narrow face.

Often girls prefer to cut their hair short. In this case, it is important that they are not laid smoothly and not bristled on the sides. Shaved temples, asymmetry, long bangs and styling with the release of individual strands will look great.

A short haircut will make your look more vivid and expressive.

Stylish ideas for owners of short hair

Many people prefer to wear short haircuts: they make a woman visually younger, and also her short hair is much easier to care for, they are unpretentious and easy to style. Girls with a face in the shape of a diamond are absolutely not allowed unless extremely short options: the rest haircuts can be advantageously laid and beaten.

Modified bean looks great. Hairline, going up, allows you to focus on the beautiful cheekbones.

Bob with oblique bangs is the perfect solution for a rhomboid face

A direct cut of the hair is not for everyone, but the owners of this type of person can afford such haircuts. To hairstyle does not look too easy, it is better to combine four of them with different bangs. This will cover the narrow forehead and highlight the beautiful lower face.

An ordinary square with straight bangs will slightly expand the elongated diamond-shaped face

Pixie is a popular haircut that is chosen by many women of all ages. For representatives of the fair sex with a diamond-shaped type of face, it is good because it helps to visually expand the forehead line due to the correct distribution of the volume. Avoid with such a haircut is perhaps that smooth styling. It is better suited to owners of soft, obedient hair, in which the strands will not bristle up, and will be able to lie natural yamgkimi curls.

Pixie-cut with a volumetric styling will look very harmonious.

If you prefer the shortest haircuts, consider asymmetrical options or combine them with thick volumetric bangs: you can either lay it on your forehead, or comb it back or sideways.

Cutting a beaver can come up if you combine it with a bang - even minimally trimmed oblique strands on your forehead will allow you to beat the diamond rhomb

Trendy haircuts for medium length hair

Medium length hair is the most frequent choice among the fair sex. They are not as difficult to care for as the straps to the waist, but they allow you to look feminine in any situation, as well as regularly experiment with hair styling and hairstyles.

Cascading haircuts should be considered: it is only important to correctly select the length of the strands so that the maximum volume does not fall on the cheekbones height line. With the cascade it is better to make a side parting, and, if desired, you can combine it with bangs.

The classic cascade with oblique bangs is a good option that will allow you to give your face the shape of an ideal oval, to which everyone aspires.

Look good options for haircuts, implying a maximum amount on the top tier of the hair and leaving only a few elongated strands. However, these options may be too pulling the face: if you have a high forehead, such haircuts should be combined with the classic straight bangs.

Haircut debut is another very interesting option that will help to beat the pronounced cheekbones and feminine beauties.

Exactly cut hair is one example. A face framed by such strands will stand out, and the features will be visually softer.

Exactly cut hair is now in fashion - if you value naturalness, feel free to try a similar haircut

Hairstyles for girls with long hair

Haircuts on long hair, too, often look great with a face that is diamond-shaped.

Graduated haircut with deliberately careless styling will perfectly beat the shape of a diamond

Ladder - this is another option that will help make the right frame for your face. You can make such a haircut on any type of hair, with bangs or without. Styling can be very diverse.

The hairstyle of a ladder is a universal option which can be carried to owners of the person in the form of a rhombus

Women's Haircuts for Curly

Curled hair is very suitable for this type of appearance, because it allows you to make geometric facial features visually softer. The main thing - to properly distribute the volume.

Short haircuts with deliberately careless curling will harmonize the shape of the diamond-shaped face

If you have long hair, do not make too curly hair. Best of all under the diamond-shaped type of face fit strands, arranged in soft waves.

Hollywood curls perfectly cheekbones and visually expand the forehead

How to hide the flaws of the face in the form of a diamond

The flaws can be attributed too hard features of the cheekbones with a chin, as well as a narrow forehead. Fortunately, all these minor issues can be easily corrected with a well-chosen haircut. First of all, it is worth considering all kinds of bangs. Short, long, straight and oblique options may look very different, but they all allow you to make the face more harmonious.

Bangs can allow to hide the forehead and soften the line of the cheekbones

Also, if you have doubts about the choice of hair, you should consider all sorts of multi-level options. Due to the different lengths of hair strands in the face and the additional volume from the top, you can make a diamond-shaped face more harmonious.

Graduated haircut is another win-win

What will suit women after 40

Older women should pay particular attention to haircuts, as some options may help to hide wrinkles and fuzzy facial contours. Consider good haircuts for a diamond-shaped face that will make age-related changes invisible. Special attention should be paid to short options with bangs, since this form in itself will allow you to look younger.

Playful bangs and straight cut hair will add to your image of immediacy.

It is necessary to avoid straight strands going down or curled inside - on the contrary, it is good that the haircut repeats the line of the cheekbones.

Haircut bob with oblique bangs will further highlight the contours of the face and make them more clear

Cascading haircuts on medium and long strands are also suitable for many, but it is better to avoid hard styling. Light waves and deliberately careless styling will help smooth out many age-related changes.

All kinds of medium length haircuts for women after 40 are best worn on curled hair

Video: how to choose a hairstyle for a diamond face

Diamond-shaped face looks beautiful with any haircut, if you choose the right styling. To emphasize the individual advantages of their appearance and disguise flaws, it is worth considering hair styling with all the details. A perfectly proportional face tends towards an oval, while a rhombus only needs to be adjusted slightly for the most harmonious effect.