“Do not let her in cosmetics!”: 10 most unfortunate examples of the makeup of Hollywood stars


For any actress, not only Hollywood, it is important in what way she appears before the public. Fans will appreciate both celebrity outfit and makeup. However, some stars seem to have forgotten before leaving the house to look in the mirror. As a result - photos scattered around the world with a bad makeup.

Mariah Carey

Perhaps Maria did her make-up in a dark room, so she chose this shade of blush and generously applied it to her cheekbones.

Mischa barton

Instead of the tanned and beautiful Misha, we see a star, which is clearly unwell. The case when you need to stay at home and undergo treatment or simply wash off cosmetics.

Christina Aguilera

Such a war paint Christina Aguilera, rather, scared the fans than attracted. It’s good that tanning and mother-of-pearl shades are a thing of the past, and now the singer prefers retrostyle in make-up.

Angelina Jolie

One day, Jolie appeared in front of photographers with such makeup, where it is clearly visible that the beauty overdone with reflective powder. It seems that before the event the film starter didn’t take care of herself, but was busy in the kitchen all day.

Drew barrymore

Directors should consider inviting Drew to play the role of the Snow Queen. Grim she herself can definitely do!

Avril lavigne

Canadian singer does not consider it necessary to set a good example to their fans. Avril is no longer 16 years old, and she continues to be painted like a schoolgirl at a disco.

Eva Longoria

If Eva continues to do such a make-up, she can be easily confused with the ninja turtle!

Lindsey Lohan

This girl, most likely, has problems not only with prohibited substances and the law, but also with eyesight. Otherwise, how to explain that Lindsay put two huge bruises on her face ?!

Tyra Banks

The top model wanted to make an impression by making a bright make-up, and as a result, acquired a frightening look.

Aishvaria Rai

Indian actress, of course, has excellent natural data. But the choice of lipstick is clearly not Aishwari's strong point.

Celebrities are always in sight, and any slip of them is immediately noticeable. But do not forget that film stars remain ordinary women, which means that it is also their nature to sometimes make mistakes in makeup.