15 of the brightest people with unusual abilities


Human capabilities have their limits. But exceptions to the rules are always found. In the world there are those whose skills do not fit in the head and can not be scientifically explained. The brightest people with unusual abilities as if descended from the pages of fantastic comics.

Raja Mohan Nair

If these wires touched the skin of an ordinary person, it would lead to an irregular contraction of the heart fibers, cessation of blood circulation and ultimately cardiac arrest

Raji has developed an unprecedented immunity to electricity. A man can easily pass electric discharges up to 10 amperes through him. By the way, most people can not stand and 1/10 ampere. A raja can pick up two bare wires and draw an electrical circuit. An unusual gift has only one side effect - after discharge, a man completely blind for a minute.

Lew Tou Lin

Originally from Lew Tou Lin from Malaysia, he has always had amazing abilities

Lew can attract various objects weighing up to 36 kg to her body. From the side it looks like a man glued them to him. By the way, an unusual gift is inherited. Scientists have come to the general opinion that the skin of a man has some kind of adhesion, which helps to fasten various objects.

Daniel Tammet

Daniel easily multiplies three-digit numbers in his mind, knows at least 10 foreign languages

Daniel is autistic with savant syndrome. His mathematical abilities and phenomenal memory are impressive. A man faster than a computer solves complex problems and can easily remember everything that happened 15 years ago, in the smallest detail. In 2004, in 5 hours and 9 minutes, he reproduced the pi number to 22,514 decimal places.

Veronica Seider

Veronica entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most vigilant person on the planet.

Veronica - the owner of an eagle vision. At a distance of 1.5 km, she easily recognizes the person's face. A woman can examine all small objects from afar without using magnifying devices. Veronica's vision is 20 times sharper than that of ordinary people.

Daniel Kish

Under good conditions, Kish can "see" the building at a distance of 300 meters

Since childhood, Daniel is absolutely blind, but this vice does not interfere with his active lifestyle: a man rides a bicycle, rollerblades and goes hiking in the mountains on his own. It moves easily thanks to advanced sonar vision. Daniel only makes short clicks with his tongue and, by reflecting the sounds, recognizes in detail any objects.

Kevin Richardson

In his work, Kevin mainly relies on instinct, trying to predict how a predator will behave at one time or another.

Kevin is a zoologist who has learned to understand animals. Several lion families and numerous schools of hyenas have already accepted him into their ranks. Communicating with dangerous predators, Kevin relies entirely on his intuition and never tries to train them. He communicates with lions as with highly intelligent creatures.

Arthur Lintgen

First, he recognizes the places where the music is quieter or louder, as well as the duration of each part of the piece, by contours and cavities of the track, then compares the result

Arthur knows the language of gramophone records: he easily recognizes the music recorded on them according to the pattern and color of the grooves. This skill applies only to classic works. He cannot distinguish other music, claiming that all gibberish is recorded there.

Thai ngok

Doctors call the disease of lack of sleep chronic koletitis, which is contrary to all medical canons.

Nights without sleep adversely affect the well-being of any person. But not on the body of the Vietnamese peasant Thai Ngoka. He has not gone to bed since 1973 and feels great. Doctors regularly examine a unique man, but do not find any abnormalities and diseases associated with lack of sleep.

Elizabeth Sulser

To date, synesthesia is not fully understood.

Taste, hearing and sight of the girl mixed in one sense. Scientists call this phenomenon the state of synesthesia. People with this gift can recognize the color of objects with just one touch. Elizabeth feels the taste of music and can visualize it.

Dean carnazes

For the entire running career, Dean Karnazes ran about 100 thousand miles, which in kilometers passes for the mark of 160 thousand

Dean is the most enduring man who can run endlessly. His energy recovers at an incredible speed. He can practice on the treadmill without resting for about 80 hours.

Stephen Wiltshire

Up to five years, the boy did not speak, but communicated with the world through drawings

Stephen suffers from autism, but this does not prevent him from being the owner of a photographic memory. He can easily make a detailed landscape of the city or area, which he sees from the height of bird flight. He masterfully creates panoramic drawings with precision.

Wim Hof

The technique developed by Wim Hof ​​is rooted in yoga breathing exercises - Pranayama

Wim alone is able to control the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for maintaining body temperature. Because of this ability, the Dutchman can withstand the cold for a long time. For example, a man is able to stay in a bath with ice cubes for two hours, and his body temperature will remain at 37 degrees Celsius. By the way, Hof argues that such a quality in himself can be developed by any person.

Isao Macii

Isao Macia called the fastest modern samurai

Isao is a born samurai, perfectly fluent in all the techniques of martial art iaido. He, with an accuracy of one millimeter, predicts the trajectory of movement of any object and cuts it in half with his sword. Such a trick is not difficult for him to do at least once a second. Even small plastic bullets, the speed of which developed up to 300 km / h, were cut through the macchi.

Daniel Browning Smith

Daniel Browning Smith is considered the most flexible of all living people on the planet.

Daniel nature has given extraordinary flexibility. He will not be difficult to climb through the rim of the toilet and curl into an incredible knot. He also knows how to move his heart around the chest.

Natalia Dyomkina

One of the brightest and unusual abilities has Natalia Dyomkina. X-ray girl has a "second vision" and can examine all the insides of a person. She discovered her abilities at the age of 10 after experiencing appendicitis surgery. She sees absolutely all the organs and precisely determines who and what hurts. According to Natalia herself, a certain impulse comes from the diseased organs, which she can catch.

The existence of people with unusual abilities once again proves that a person’s potential is limitless. Who knows, maybe in a hundred years, everyone will be able to hear things or go completely without sleep.